Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Bad crafter.....

Not only have I been a bad blogger but I have not been creative either, well until Saturday at the crop, I missed last month but was back this month. I was going to miss the Christmas crop next month but I have given away my ticket to Rocky horror as I don't want to miss our crop but I am sure my SIL Lisa will love the show and I already have tickets for 2 different shows in the first half of next year so I will look forward to those, I will have to wait until Rocky Horror comes around again, I have seen it 3 times already and Lisa has never seen it and wants to so maybe there really is a reason for everything.

So anyway, I have done 2 layouts in the last few days and thought I would blog them along with a picture of some new stash, I have not spent money on stash in months and this was prizes and vouchers so still no spending lol.
Layout #1 was don't using this years BG Christmas papers Eskimo kisses, great fun to use.
Layout #2 was done using BG Lemonade range

And the last picture is our Yummy new stash, mainly BG Indian Summer, I can't wait to play with it.

I want BG's Nook and Pantry next, it looks fab but I am so out of the look I need to see what the latest trends are. any pointers for some great new stash??
Happy Scrapping Jay xxx

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Dear diary.... I know I am a bad blogger.....

This post is just to catch up on what has been happening in my world for the last few months as I have been such a bad blogger, then I will do a second post with craft stuff. So August just disappeared, I got a full time job finally, YAY!!! and I worked for the owner last Christmas, which was great. I am enjoying it so much but I commute nearly 5 hours a day, so it has taken a while to adjust and to work out how to fit a life in as well LOL but I am now!
SO we hit September and my first event is MIL to be's Ann Summers Party, well what a brilliant night, so much fun.

Yes that's right, the Cream bearded lady is indeed my MIL to be PMSL, it was a really funny night.

This has always bemused and amused me, we had to fashion a penis out of play-doh and this was one of my SIL's Clare's effort, all I can say is I hope her Fiancee never saw the pictures lol.
Now we have reached September 7th my 37th Birthday and Vic took me out for lunch at Pane e Vino's, which was very nice as I had not been before. We had a lovely lunch.

The following day Vic, mum and I went into Edinburgh to meet My brother Steve, his partner Emma and the twins.

We went to a fab pub called the ADVOCATE with an amazing selection of sausages, great food, great service, friendly staff and I also had great company, what more could a girl want. Overall a really great birthday.

Then really all that I have done is work, work, work.
In between work and work lol Vic and I went to see SIL to see Lisa and her family and take Oscar a talking Maka Paka.
He seems to like it.
Here is Lisa with Oscar.The 14th of October saw Oscar turn 1, he had a party at Jungle Jim's, which I had to miss as I was WORKING!!! Grrrr but Vic took lots of pictures for me, here is one with Oscar and his dad Kevin.
Then the beginning of this month saw our nephew Jamie stay with Vic and I for the first time and meet all the cats, he seemed to have great fun

So that is it really in a nutshell, it may not sound exciting but I have to confess to loving my life right now. I shall try to keep up with my blog now, notice I said try lol. I shall post a craft bit later today.

Hope you are all well, I will blog hope this week.

Jay xx