Friday, 27 February 2009

Feeling Yukky and No Belly button!

Wow have I been feeling rough today, I have a nasty bug and without being to crude, I have been much better friends with the toilet for the last 24 hours than with anyone or anything lol. So I decided to go for a surf on Youtube and look at Random things, this Video made me Wee (not literally of course) It is so cute and funny.

Hope you like it and your having a better day than me. Jay xx

Sunday, 22 February 2009

I got up yesterday morning I felt like I was suffering cabin fever, so Vicki and I decided to go out for the day, we headed off to Ravencraig park. I love that place in the winter, I love it all year round but there is just something about it in the winter.

I do love Sepia Photo's lol

I have never ventured all the way along Ravencraig but today we decided to just keep walking and we found allsorts of gorgeous sites along the way, a stunning beach....

A tunnel in a rock face, which leads to.... A gorgeous harbour........

.... and the scariest looking wall I have ever seen, lol.
Then we found the Harbour masters house and went in as it had a cafe and museum, such a cute place, I want to bring my mum here.
I have to confess, Vicki's confusion about the Water for "hotdogs" LOL you can guess what she thought PMSL!!

Hmmmm! My feelings about modern art on the beach! Well if it was good and looked like lots was put into it then ok! However when it looks like planks of wood with a coat of Dulux, I have to wonder how much it cost and what on earth is the point.

The last Beach view for me is this stunning broken Rock, which mum pointed out, looks like a Dragon, so I will always call it Dragon Rock now.

I had a great day and I am so glad we went.

Thanks for popping by. have a great day. Jay xx

If I can..... layout

I loved doing this layout, I had the picture and the paper sorted 8 months ago and I just could not get the feeling, last night it all just fell together, I really like it and about time too lol.
The picture is of my mum while she was quitting smoking over a year ago now, she has not touched one since. Mum struggled much more quitting than I did as you can see by the nicorette inhaler and the look in her eyes lol.
I was not a bingo card fan but have used the several times of late, I think it was just fear of what to do with them, I do love them now.
This layout just said Grungeboard to me, and I love the tiny grungeboard mini's skull too.
So I wonder what mum will think about me blogging this one LOL.
Happy Scrapping Jay xx

Friday, 20 February 2009

Play fighting with Mika!!

Mika who is one of the newer Furrry family members was in a playful mood last night, I am still getting to know his ways and he loves to chew things, especially hands, he doesn't do it hard and I recently clipped his claws too so it was a great time to pay, I just wanted to remember it as we had lots of fun really getting to know each other.
What a sweet boy, the baby of the family at not even 2 years old, great to see you fitting in so well little Mika. Jay xx

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Love Love Love Cherry Hill!

I am in love with the New range Cherry Hill from October afternoons, as far as I can see it is not out until April but I really love it. YUM! here are the rub ons and Rubber charms to wet your appetite. If you want to see more pop over to their blog and have a look at all the new ranges they are bringing out, they are all great but Cherry Hill is my fav for sure.Happy scrapping. Jay xx

WHAT A DAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok I don't know where to start; (pull up a chair I may well be rambling for a while.

"Lets start at the very beginning!" (Yes I am humming the intro to, the sound of musics, Doh a Deer lol).

So I was up at 6am this morning, with Vicki and we made our way to the hospital, arriving at 7.40 am YUK!!

I was admitted (so far so good, better than last time lol), I then found out that instead of the first on the list that I had been promised for my operation, (due to Anxiety and Diabetes) I was 9th on the list, I was really upset and started to cry as I knew I could no go through with it if I had hours to panic and get more and more anxious, so when the Anesthesiologist came round, I told her I could not do it if it took that long as I was already feeling sick because I had not had breakfast and I was already getting so scared. She said she would get it changed.

5 minutes later my nurse (who was a sweetheart) told me that I was bumped up to 2nd and I would have been first but the first lady had already gone in lol. Ok so I was coping, the doctor came he was really nice and I felt less stressed.

So!!! Then the Anesthesiologist returned and told me they wanted to do a local anesthetic and then a spinal something that I mist (but I was then told and EPIDURAL) GRRRRRR!! I started to panic again so I asked her how much it hurt and she told me it was not at all painful and that I would be fine and they would make me a little high so I could relax.

YEAH RIGHT!!! Relax!! RELAX!! Are they kidding!!! so I was sat on the side of the operating table and they gave me a local an. alas they first 3 Epi. trys were so painful I was screaming (and I have a pretty high pain threshold!) so I had a second an. I think and then 3 more tries. Now I was vomiting and crying like crazy. So in the end they said they would revert back to plan A, the general an. which they then tell me a machine has been playing up so they need time to prepare it and the theatre so they would wheel me back to the ward and leave me there for a while (What the hell is a while!!) I am in total melt down at this point and I had to tell them I could not do it!!! YUP this time I chose not to but I think I was under to much stress. Everyone was supportive of my choice which was a good thing.

Of course now that I am calm and have had a day away from it I feel daft, however hindsight is no use as it just trashes your self esteem and you have to make the choice at the time not afterwards.

I am in loads of pain, my back didn't like the sticky pad they put on either and I have a deep bruise which seems to be spreading and really bloody hurts. GRRRRRRR!!!!

So next I left and went to Vicki's and she decided we should go to the shops to take my mind off it before we came back to my house. So off we went, I didn't have any money but I remembered my lovely boss at Christmas gave me some gift vouchers and I still had £20 left so I went and spent those, here is what I got:
I also popped into Evans (Thank goodness for store cards lol) and got a top for Debbie's Wedding in March. Here it is:
I love it! and it is Pink, SHOCKER!! lol. I didn't even try it on, which is not like me. I just knew I would love it but I tried it when I got home and it looks fabby. So thats sorted! Yipppeee!! I also bought a new T-shirt, I love Betty Boop so could not resist this:
Next stop Claires Accessories, I always want things in there but I was quite good this time although I do love Vicki's new Sunnies:
and she bought me such a cute photo clip for a picture of Jake and Ben. Thanks babe I love it!
Vicki knew all to well a trip to the shops would be good for me and she was right, I did feel better and it was a great distraction.

When I got home I was sorting out some bits in a draw and found this:I have now pinned him to my notice board as he is a piece of history and I am glad I have him, I was given him a few years ago when I worked as a Christmas temp at Woolworths, I am still sad they have gone and find myself on a regular basis thinking, must pop in and grab ..... at woolies! Doh!


Last but Deffo not LEAST.

After a great deal of soul searching I decided Rosie needs a new home. Anyone who knows me and my mum, know that this was an almost impossible choice to make but although she is one of the most gorgeous and affectionate cats I have ever had, she does not like other cats, in fact that is an understatement, she needs her own space and someone who can give her all the love she needs. I was not sure were I was going to start to look for an owner I would be happy with ( I am VERY choosy)..... then my saviour piped up with, I want her! She loves me and I love her.... Vicki is going to take her!! Yipppppeeeee! So not only do I approve of her owner I will see her all the time and I can have her for holidays etc. Brilliant solution. So now I am Auntie Jay and here is Rosie with New mummy Vicki. Awwwwwwwww. Yay!

So although the day started really crappy it was a bad day turned good.

love Jay xx

Tuesday, 17 February 2009


Doh! I have just noticed on my layout in the previous post I have only gone and spelt my gorgeous cat Nahla's name wrong...... on the actual layout DOH! DOH! DOH! Ah well I am going to have to do some scrapping surgery to that layout and hope for the best, but it will have to wait until my actual surgery is over tomorrow.

Happy scrapping Jay xx

So Nervous!!!!!!!!

So after a month I am going back to the hospital to have my surgery, first general anesthetic I have ever had and I am really terrified, I guess if you have had one then I must seem like I am being over dramatic but I am just so nervous!

Ok so with no money goes window shopping and I came to the conclusion that I have so much stash for scrapping, that I should stop staring at it, so I started to look at fun stuff and I soooooo want all these Hello Kitty Kitchen bits.

I am also in love with these bizzare and maybe a little Ugly in an oh so cute way! Funky Face banks.

Anyway, enough waffle, I am off to keep myself busy by tidying and cleaning.

I will blog when I am back, I go in tomorrow morning and will either come out tomorrow night or the following day. I will blog again as soon as I can sit up, which I hope wont be long.

Monday, 16 February 2009

So So So cute!!! I need a video camera!

Princess NAHLA Leia

When I first saw the BG Porcelain Range, I thought, Hmmmmm I love it but what would I do with it. I decided after a short time that I did like it, so when I go it from Mum as a gift, I took time to really look through it and I fell in love, the tones are really gorgeous.
The pictures on this simple layout were of Nahla at 3 weeks and at 4 months, she is such a cutie.
Thanks for looking, Happy scrapping. Jay xx

Saturday, 14 February 2009

I really enjoyed my first experience with the new BG range Marrakesh, the colours are a little different in the flesh, to those you see on the internet. I really enjoyed doing this layout and the colours worked really well with this picture of my brother when he was a baby. I still can't believe he has babies of his own now lol.
Thanks for looking. Have a crafty day. Jay xx

Friday, 13 February 2009

WILD FLOWERS & new stash

Today was a good day, the postman arrived with my extremley early easter pressie from me mum but being the Yummy mum that she is she let me have it now. I got the Marakesh and Porcelain collection packs and buttons and glazed brads to match, I was in heaven.

Then I finshed this layout I was working on last night, using BG Off beat papers.

Apart from my Oh so OBVIOUS love of BasicGrey, I am also totally loving Magic mesh at the moment too.

Happy Scrapping. Jay xx

Thursday, 12 February 2009


So I set my alarm super early as I have a 9am Vet appointment with Sid, he has been poorly and we were no expecting good news. (PHEW!!! no worries he just has a minor infection, thank goodness.) so I open my eyes and this is what I see:

SNOW SNOW SNOW!!! Vicki is so excited she is already getting up (which is a miracle in it's self lol) and wants brekkie, so she can go out and make a snow Angel! Oh yes she did lol and here is the proof ROTFPMSL:

So the only other thing Vicki was desperate to do was to make a proper full size snowman because she has never made one before, mum told her the best ways to start a snowball anjd she was off, she did the lower and upper body and I did the head and boobs! Yep thats right she is a SNOW WOMAN! and here she is in her stages of creation.

So here she is Coco the Snow woman, I have to confess I was NOT excited at the prospect of making a snow person but I did actually enjoy it loads and loads.

I had a great day, the only downside of today was the the vets receptionist asking if Vicki was my Daughter!!! I am 36 and she is 26 so around half and hour I wanted to top myself lol but I am ok with it now, I don't think Vicki will let me forget it for a long time though, do you???

Hope your all having a great day. Jay xx