Friday, 25 April 2008


My brother finally sent me a picture of his new furry baby, they originally named him Scout but his name has changed to Puck now, which I think is really cute. They are 99% sure it's a boy and he is very sweet.
Introducing PUCK!!!

Have a great weekend, and for all of you who are doing the UKS CC, have a fun and manic weekend. xxxxxx

Wednesday, 23 April 2008



These are my latest finished lo's. I enjoyed this one so much until it came to the journalling. GRRRRR! I may have mentioned before, as I usually do! that I can't stand my awful childish writing, but I am getting used to it, how ever, I hand wrote on this in 3 different ways before I got to this point, each one was either painted over or something was stuck over the top lol. I then read in Hiedi Swapps book that I should write in pencil first!!! After slapping my forehead a few times and calling myself a dunce (you would have thought I could have worked that out for myself!) I did just that and it gave me the opportunity to change the shape of letters a little and even though I am not yet happy with my writing, I felt better about using it.

I love this K & Co paper, which I mounted on Black bazzill to show it off. I has such a warm glow and seemed ideal for my Hot Hot Hot LO. This was also the 1st time I have ever used Love Elsie Fabric paper to cover chipboard letters, I found it a little problematic at first but as I learned what felt comfortable and the best scissors and knife to use it was a breeze.


This lo was so fun to do, I used 3 of the papers from the BG cupcake collection pack. It was a really simple layout but I just kept looking at it thinking anymore will be to much.

Yes it's true!!! I used Thickers again lol and a Zig pen to outline them for a more comic book feel and I even drew a wee web and spider on the D lol. the other words are in doodlebug stickers coloured in the same blue Zig pen. I loved taking these pictures of EJ.
I have been reading a few debates about why people scrap, I do it for all sorts of reasons, sometimes for a creative outlet and others for future generations I don't see a reason to just do 1 or the other, its a hobby and a passion and we should enjoy the way we choose. I did this lo to remember a great day and because I loved the picture but they spoke for them selves and I am not goinhg to forget feeling happy, so in this case it was not important to me to journal on it.

How do you all feel about why you scrapbook and if you should or should not Journal. It doesn't matter if you don't agree with me I am interested in all views about everything.
Have a great evening xxxxxxxx

Monday, 21 April 2008

Door to the past

I am loving the Archaic papers, YUM YUM YUM! I started this lo at the crop on Saturday but didn't finish it until this afternoon.
I really love the Jewellery box Thickers font. Scrummy and the felt are always great, lets face it, I just love thickers. I am still loving the effect I am getting from the Magic Mesh too.
Along the bottom of the photo I used a pods rub-on from BG Archaic then I coloured the dots with Sakura souffle pens and the large dots are I-Kan-Dee Matt dots. I love the grungy feel of this LO.
The picture is of the entrance door to Ravenscraig castle. it has a sort of mystical feel to me, so I loved the picture.

After the crop.....

.... I went to meet Em in town and went back to hers for the weekend, EJ came home and we had a nice chilled evening.

Sunday Morning we went off to Jumping Jacks soft play and met up with some of Em's family I had never met.
Here is Logan having fun in the ball pit.
and EJ & Logan eating there Magic Stars, I am not sure why they are lying down, they seemed determind to be on some part of the soft play area even though they know they can eat inside it LOL.
Here is Rach, giving Logan a helping hand on his way up.
Here is Aunty Katherine, she was really nice and funny too.
And last but most certainly not least, here are Brandon and Nanny. Brandon is so full of energy and a lovely kid and Nanny is so funny. It was a really nice day.
When we got back Ethan put on his Power ranger Outfit so he could try out the Helmet I bought him, he look fabby bless him. Go Go POWER RANGERS.
Sadly I had to cut my weekend short, I wont go into details as it was a bit grim, but lets just say I was not very well. but I still had a great weekend. Hope you all did as well.

Crop day

I had a really brilliant day at the crop on Saturday, their where lots of us and the atmosphere was brilliant! I will post some pictures of my lo's later as I was working on 2 and didn't get either finished, which is unusual for me but I had admin stuff to do and the rest of the day was so chilled and such good laughs.

Helen if you read this, the Gerbils would look great with Bind-it-all neck wear PMSL.

Thanks again to everyone for making it such a great day.

If you want to see your MUG SHOTS ladies pop over to our crop blog and you will see them all down the right hand side. Mine is awful! but as promised I put it up (until I can get a better one lol).

Thursday, 17 April 2008

A great break and awwwwww SCOUT!!!!

I have been away for 5 days staying with my brother and helping him decorate, we had a great weekend, fun and paint, lots of it.

I got a call from my brother about an hour ago to tell me he has a new kitten called Scout and they think he is a boy. My brothers 13 year Ginger female is not very happy at all so he wanted some advice. I am waiting for pictures but when I have some I will post some here. Needless to say after being away there has been no scrapping done but I am going to work on a lo tonight and then prepare for my crop on Saturday as I am off to the Links Market for a while tommorow, which is a HUGE mile long fun fair. I will post some pictures of it tommorow.

Have a great evening all xxx

Friday, 11 April 2008


I was so confused and then very excited today...

So anyway, a pizza box arrived with the postman today and of course we all know what that means lol!! However the enjoyment was marred by confusion and accusation. I (foolishly!! some would say) Share not only a house but a CREDIT CARD!!!! Yikes!! with my mum!! So both being shopping obsessed Scrappers we have gone more than a tad over the top in the shopping stakes in the last year or 2, so we are on a complete stash ban!!! I tried it before but it didn't work so I have been quite proud of myself this time!

So when I walked back from the front door, mum gave me an awful look and asked " what the hell have you bought now!!! so much for the stash ban" I was really upset and replied NOTHING!!!! I have not bought a thing ( secretly wracking my brains to be sure I had not had a moment of weakness lol) so I got my trusty craft knife and opened it. It was the Cupcake BG collection pack and some co-ordinating ribbon! I was still completely confused and mum looked even more annoyed as BG sets are a typical me purchase. I took them out, still bemused until all was revealed by the with compliments slip I found in the bottom of the box which was from Mel and Jill at ATDML ( A trip down memory lane) . A while ago I came in as one for the runners up for thier BG competition. I had totally forgotten and even if I had remembered I did not expect such a stunning prize. I though maybe a pack of BG rub-ons or similar but a whole collection pack left me totally chuffed and so excited as I had not had a stash fix for quite a while.
So a HUGE thanks to ATDML for my gorgeous prize, I must confess that initially cupcake was one of my least favourite lines but having seen it in the flesh and having used the only 2 sheets I owned on my Artist lo the other day I am completely hooked. While I am talking about ATDML.
I also love the fact they have a loyalty scheme. Thanks again ladies you made my day.

While I was taking pictures of my prize, Pheobe my smallest was half asleep next to it, so I was chatting away to her about my win, telling her what a lucky mummy she has (As you do!!!) and you can see her response below.

A completely bored Yawn which she followed with curling back down to sleep. (some days I really wish I was a cat lol).

It was quite satifying seeing mum grovel for a while aswell lol. Bless her! I love you MUM!!!


Thursday, 10 April 2008

Party Girls

This picture was from back in 2000, it is 3 girls I used to hangout with back then, we were at one of thier birthday parties. It was a fun time.
I am still in my I love Elsie faze as you can see. I did enjoy this one and had good fun doing lots of hand doodling aswell. I also hand wrote visable journalling which is really unusual for me as I hate my hand writing, however I recently bought Heidi Swapps Love your handwriting book and I have not read much yet but it has made me braver already.
Have a great night. xxx

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Sssshhhh! Artist at work

I am often heard praising people when they use bright colours, I am often nervous of using them myself and I know others are as well. I am in awe of people like Marieke from the colour your world blog. Who can use bright colours with ease. She inspired me to start to use some really bright colours. This lo was such fun to do and I really enjoyed working with the primary colours in these BG Cupcake papers.

Don't get me wrong, I have used bright colours before, if it works for a picture but prior to finding Marieke's blog, I would avoid them if possible. Now I am going to embrace them in all thier glory. So thank you Marieke you have been a great inspiration.
I am not often a fan of epoxy stickers these days, however I think these paint splats worked a treat.
MY friend Emma, say's "when it comes to scrapping you are a total perfectionist and everything has to be neat!", so I let myself go a little and just splatted the primary paints on these bazzill white chipboard letters.
HOWEVER!! It turns out, Emma was right and I found myself drawing round the edges in black pen, I told Mum it was because it made them stand out (which it does!) but truth be told I wanted to make the edges neat lol. It will take a wee while for me to really embrace those things but I will try lol.
The pictures are of Emma and Ethan having a day of painting when they were living with me last year. Great memories.
Have a good evening all. xxxx

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Not just sisters....

This was fun to do, I got to make a mess which is always fun for me, I got nice and messy when inking the paper doily. If there is no mess then I have not had as much fun as I would like. LOL
I love this picture from Kay and Rhi's visit up to see us.
I am really enjoying using other mediums, like material and knitting etc, it gives a real homemade feel about the lo.
I always wished I had a sister. I love my little brother to bits ( not so little now, he is 32 lol) but I always wondered what life would be like with a sister.
Thanks for looking, have a scrappy day!
Jay xxx

Monday, 7 April 2008

I had a Love, Hate relationship......

.... with this lo!!!!

At first I loved the papers etc. As I started to work with them I became less impressed, then once I had laid everything out and hated the Lo totally but I went ahead and stuck it down moving a few pieces around, now I love it!! Don't ask me why, I don't really know but I went through every emotion with this one, maybe it's just the mood I am in LOL.
These pictures bring back such great memories of Ethan last summer, that maybe why I got so mad about the lo because I love the pictures. Also I love the Archaic papers and could not understand why I was finding it so hard to scrap with paper and photo's I adored. Strange.
I used a few bits of Love Elsie Riley mixed in with the BG Archaic.
Then also some Fancy pants crochet flower, I am in love with these, ( I bet some of you are thinking where has she been these have been around for ages!! ) I know I have just never got round to using them lol! but now I have there is no going back!
All in all a very stressful lo to do but I am very happy now it's done lol.
NOTE TO SELF: Stop getting so stressed! It is a hobby your supposed to have fun with it.
In irony I am usually the least stressed scrapper and am always giving that advice to others, maybe I should take a look at other areas of my life and sort those out lol.

Have a great day xxx

HURRAH!!!! I got BUZZted!!

I got BUZZted! from the scrapdreamie blog so they will be sending me a wee something dreamie. That really made my day! So thanks to The scrapdreamie blog! I will post a picture when it arrives.

Have a great day all

Thursday, 3 April 2008

REVIEW - 3L EZ Glue Runner

This morning I recieved my free sample to road test which is 3L's EZ glue tape runner. I was very excited as I am on a stash shopping ban so it was great to have something new to play with.

I was asked to consider 12 things when doing my review, so I will share those questions with you and my findings and then at the end I will give a general opinion on the product. 1) How often do you use adhesive? I use some form of adhesive almost every day.

2) What is the main type of adhesive you use? Most often I use a blend of 3 different adhesive, which are Glossy Accents, Herma and DSST (Double sided sticky tape).

3) What do you look for in an adhesive? 1st and formost it has to stick things lol and obviously for scrapping I want Acid and Lignin free. I also look for a permenant tape that is a little forgiving at first to allow for a margin of errors.

4) How easy is the product to remove from its packaging? Very easy, I do not like things that take half an hour to get into, so this was great.

5) Does the product appeal to you? (does it look good etc.) Yes it looks great. Nothing to flash but very smart, just how I like it.

6) How easy is the product to use? Very easy, it is nice to hold as well.

7) How well does the product perform? I found it worked very well, it seems strong and smooth and is great in waves.

8) Do you like this product? Yes

9) Do you consider it is good value for money? TBH no I don't, at £4.99. It is disposable so I think its a bit pricey, I would rather pay a bit more for a refillable version or less money for this disposable one.

10) Would you consider buying this product in the future? I would, I love the product but it would need to be cheaper I think.

11) What would make you more likely to buy this product in the future? A lower price

12) What would make you less likely to buy this product in the future? The currrent price

Ok so now for my chat with more about this product. I know in the questions I was negative about the price, HOWEVER, for me that is the only negative. From the packaging to the way it works is great. It is easy to hold, the tape glides on and as you can see in the picture below it is made up of of tiny strips of tape which makes it really versatile and it goes around corners, curves and scallops with ease which is a great help. If the price dropped by around £1 I would be a total convert and it would be my product of choice, it is even forgiving for a short time so long as you don't press it down straight away. I also like the fact (however nominal) that buying this product supports both Make a wish and Breast Cancer Charities.
So all in all a great product and well worth trying out. If you don't mind the price, then it is a must have for your tool tote.
Thanks for taking the time to read my review and if you have used this tape before or have any feedback on my review please do leave a comment.

Wednesday, 2 April 2008


I did this lo for a challenge on the Scrapdreamie blog! I rarely (if ever!) find myself considering Boys on Girls papers or Vice versa so this was a great challenge. I had great fun, I never imagined pictures of EJ, my friend Emma's wee boy, could look so yummy on girly papers. Check out Emma's blog HERE, she has some fab lo's on it and some great pictures as well.
These pictures where taken in my back garden last summer. He seems to be a fan of Twister lollies lol.
Its true, this months obsession is most deffo love Elsie, mum can be heard regularly saying " Jay, step away from the Elsie" LOL.
My friend Lori, who recently inspired me to start hand doodling, told me it would be addictive and boy was she right, I love it.
A great challenge from the ScrapDreamie Team, I shall be looking out for more of thier challenges. I will also be sure to play with Boy on Girl papers and Girl on Boy papers more often as well.
Have a great evening all. xxxxxx