Monday, 31 March 2008

A weekend with Emma and Ethan

What a fabby weekend I have just had, we had a great fun, active weekend.Friday night I arrived and Emma cooked a yummy! Roast Chicken and I had a couple of hours of "Fight play!" and The Disney Channel with a smattering of throwing ourselves into boxes of cuddley toys.
Saturday Morning we went off to Jumping Jacks and it was great to see EJ having so much fun. I must say it was the cleanest, most organised soft play I have been to. Great fun.
Then off to Asda for energy food!
Then back home to Emma's. I have to say I was shattered, I am not used to keeping up with a really energetic 3 1/2 yr old. We both fell asleep when we got back.
Sunday Morning we got up and Emma and EJ took me to Ravenscraig park. What a gorgeous place. First we went to the play park.
This was a fun shot to take but I nearly got knock over by the swing a couple of times lol, that is a picture I am really looking forward to scrapping.
Then off down to the beach, I stayed with the buggy and practiced using my telephoto setting on my camera. I have one that does lots but I never use its functions, so I thought I would have a play.
Then it was time for a picnic on a park bench, which was nice, a little cold but fun. Magic butter was a resounding success, Magic butter I hear you ask!?! ( EJ wont eat cheese, so Dairylea has become Magic butter and he loved it!!) Well done Emma! Tee Hee!
This is the entrance to the castle we visited, well I say we! but this was my trusty telephoto again as I suffer from virtigo, so walking across a weak wooden bridge over a moat was a no no! but EJ and Emma had fun and I took some nice photo's.
This was a view of the castle from our coastal path walk.
All in all a wonderful weekend, Jam pack with fantastic and very scrap-able memories. I have never laughed as much as Emma on the firemans pole! (oooo errrrr! Missus!!) but thats another story.
Hope you all had a fab weekend too. xxx

A couple of recent lo's

I had really enjoyed doing this lo, I don't often use Doodlebug papers but I had some left over from buying them for a class for one of the uks Cybercrops and it inspired me to buy a few more sheets which I am usuing to do a layout at the mo. These two layouts were 2 of those which I used to enter one of the recent DT calls, needless to say I did not get chosen but I was not expecting too, I just entered for the experience and I am really glad I did.
Doing these ribbon loops added a nice bit of dimesion.
I know! again with the covered chipboard, I am just really loving it at the moment.
My beautiful Nahla, such a gorgeous cat a total princess but also a wild little minx when it takes her fancy lol.

Yep! More cover chipboard! I just can't help myself!!!
another thing I am loving right now is fibres and sugar coated brads (truth be told if it is stash I love it) but I do go through fazes.

This is one of my best bud Justin's oldest daughter, when she was in her, I love Bratz dolls faze, I must find out what her latest fad is, I am out of touch lol.

Friday, 28 March 2008

Grabbed my Blinkie!


Grabbed me a blinkie but still can't figure out how to make it buzz *sniff* ah well! I will keep trying
Aha its Blinking now, thanks to Tracey! Thanks hun your a star xxx

Thursday, 27 March 2008

I can sing a Rainbow.

Finally! I have lights, I have finished all my DT and comp entries for now, and I got a lo done to celebrate lol and here it is.
I have been through a BG fetish of late but now it has turned to Love Elsie and Thickers, I do tend to have these fazes but it keeps things different and fun.
I never thought soft charms would be my thing but I am having great fun using them and love Elsies quirky styles in her papers and Embellies.
This lo was inspired by the song we were taught at primary school and I always remember it because it has Pink in and Rainbows in theory don't have, which we get told at Junior school when taught the ROYGBIV method.
Thanks for looking and have a wonderful day. I am off to pack for a weekend at Emma's so hopefully I will get lots of scrapping done and lots of playing with EJ and new photos to scrap.

Monday, 24 March 2008

Lights, Camera NOTHING!!!!!

Well I finally finished sorting the lo's for some submissions I wanted to make and my Mojo has returned and I planned to spend a lovely relaxed evening scrapping! Oh no! I switched the light on and bang the whole house went dark! everything on plugs is fine but all the lights are off, so I trott over to the fuse box to reset it and NOTHING!!! Arghghghghghghghg! I have no lights and it wont reset, I called out insurance peeps and a nice electrician rang me back, he said he will be out tonight but he is a long way away on anther job so I am guessing he will be here about midnight lol. So no scrapping tonight I guess. Will go and play with cats I think!

Have a good night all xxx

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

I had lots of fun today!

I am trying to get 3 lo's done to submit for a DT entry, I finished 1 today using doodlebug papers and I am really pleased with it but I can't put the picture up at the mo I don't think so will wait until it's been submitted, I am off to do a couple of BG layouts now, well I say that but I will probably get as far as getting the pictures out and maybe choosing them lol.

Have a good night! xx

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

I believe in SANTA!!

I had sore feet and insomnia last night so I did this layout to keep me busy. These pictures of James were taken when Jayne, Keith and James came to stay with us for Christmas 2006. It had been a long time since we had kids around at Christmas and it was so much fun. James was just 9 at the the time and still believed in Santa which is so sweet (Well maybe he thought if he didn't believe he would get less for christmas, smart cookie!!! ) but still it was a fantastic Christmas and one I wont ever forget.

I do love the felt fusions, so easy to work with and they add such great texture and I just could not resist sewing this little jingle bells on aswell lol.
I have been trying to dip into my box of forgotten stash and this time I came out with these metal words and this one was just perfect for the job.
I don't often use paint direct to the layout but it just seemed to work for the snow, my friend Emma inspired me as I had recently seen one she had done with paint and an added extra so I was inspired by that to use paint for snow and it seemed to work well with the Rusty Pickle paper. I have lots more pics from that Christmas that I must scrap soon.

Thanks for looking, have a great day xxx

Monday, 17 March 2008

"Watch the Birdie"

I played with this lo last night, I really love this photo of my friend Alex taking a picture of an owl that was sitting on our table at a falconary display. Alex has the same picture but with me taking the photo.
I have had these self adhesive mosaic tiles for ages and never got round to using then, they are great fun to use.
This is my first time usuing the recent Rusty Pickle Lucky range and I thought it would be fun to do it last night and finish it today being st. Patricks Day. Happy St. Paddy'd day to all!

Thanks for looking, have a great day xx

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Crop Layouts

I had a great day at my crop today, I got 3 lo's finished which was really good for me.
I love these I Kan Dee matt stones YUM YUM!!
Foam Thickers ROCK!!!! infact all Thickers rock lol, I am a total thickers addict!
I really love this picture of smudge, he is such a great cat but he thinks he is a dog bless him, he behaves like one all the time.
I had to do a small journalling piece because the title may confuse people lol.
This was lots of fun, I have never done this rip and roll technique before, I was inspired by Karen (Scrapdolly) and Lori who have both recently used this technique ( far better than I have but I really enjoyed it.
these tiny doodlebug rub-ons are not only great quality and easy to use they are so handy aswell.
This is the first time I have ever used a Love Elsie Jelly embellie.
I am in LOOOOOVVVVEEEE with this new range called Claire from Love Elsie, it was so easy to work with and has great patterns and colours. I am really enjoying the paper covered Chipboard letters at the moment too.
I had a really great day and met 2 lovely new ladies.

Friday, 14 March 2008


I have been tagged by Lori for 7 random things.....

1) I really don't like it when someone drinks out of my glass or cup, it makes me feel sick then I can't drink my drink. I know it sounds crazy but I really don't like it, not even if my mum does it LOL.

2) Orlando Florida is my fav. place in world!! No not because of Disney, I actually did not like Disney, long queues, long walks between rides! YUK!! but I loved the people and the places of interest etc, we did a fly drive holiday across florida and saw so many wonderful things, one of my fav but most embarrassing days was when I went deep sea fishing and I caught the biggest fish (32 pound barracuda). However the adrenaline and sea sickness was too much for me and lets just say that every bodily function lost control of itself by the time we got back to shore I was a smelly green mess. I ran off the boat to the public toilets and had to strip naked wash my clothes in the sink and wear soaked clothes back to our hotel ROTFPMSL. It was however a day I will never forget and will make me laugh whenever I look back. I love Florida!!

3) I was always voted by my friends as most likley to be "Old lady with lots of cats" and I currently have 15 so I am guessing they are right LOL

4) I am not at all girly, my scrapping style is eclectic but my personal style is not only "not style" lol but it is very boyish, I live in Joggers, Jeans and T-shirts. I only wear DC trainers because I have wide feet and they are like walking on air! DRESSES arghghghghghghg!!! run away!! I just cannot wear them, love them on other people but not on me, it may be the fact I am 5' 2" and round!

5) I have an addictive personality, it has not really done me much harm but my wallet is not impressed as 1 of my biggest addicitons is shopping. I am getting it under control these days though but all the yummy stash doesn't help lol

6) My fav. colour is Red.

7) I have 4 tattoos and want another one.

I Tag ........Katy, Emma and Tracey and anyone else who wants to join in.

Tuesday, 11 March 2008


I am so chuffed. I came in as 1 of the runners up in the BasicGrey competition on A trip down memory lane.
I felt so elated but a little unworthy, the layouts entered were gorgeous, if you want to see the gallery of entries they are here. I did several entries but it was innocence that got me a runner up place.

I have not done much scrapping for the last few days as I have had to keep my feet up quite a bit but I will be doing some today, along with starting to put together some kits for my crop on Saturday.

Have a great day!

Friday, 7 March 2008


Well I had my big toe nails removed today, the men who did it were brilliant, the older guy was so funny I was laughing most of the time and the younger guy was so cute I was drooling for the rest of the time, I thought I was going to be hysterical but they put me so much at ease I even watched the whole procedure.

The only ewwwww factor about it was as I was leaving to go home my right foot started to hemorage (sp?) and so I had to go back in and have a pressure dressing put on it. My foot was numb for about 5 hours afterwards and TBH I expected to be in agony when the anesthetic wore off. I can feel a little discomfort but that is it and I have not yet needed to take any painkillers which really surprised me, although I do have quite a high pain threshold. Over all not the terrible experience I was expecting.

A massive thank you to the podiatry team at Kennoway health centre for making me feel so relaxed and giving me the best laugh I have had in ages.

No scrapping done today but I did make a couple of cards. If I am still only at this minimal level of pain tommorow I will be back scrapping YAY!!

Have a good night xx

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Generations Layout

Just finished this lo of 3 of my gorgeous furry girls. These I-Kan-Dee ceramic matt stones are fab, I had never used them before so thats a first for me today.
Another first today was using these suede flowers by We R Memory keepers, Yummy, great quality too, I got them from QVC recently.
I took this picture in the new year, it was so nice to see all the genrations of the same family curled up together.

As you can see the hidden journalling is brief but tells who they are and the year it was taken, I would normally write more but this really did not need it as each cat has many layouts which include all there quirks of personality.


This is just the sweetest thing, I got an award today from my new friend Elaine . Thanks so much hun you are a total sweety.
I shall be dishing out some awards myself very soon, what a gorgeous thing to do.

Monday, 3 March 2008

What I did this weekend at Emma's

This weekend was a blast! I had a great time with EJ and then some Grown-up (well sort of lol!) adult scrapping time with Emma. Today I met Rachel (cool lass) and her gorgeous little boy Logan, what a sweetie. I got 3 lo's done and here they are.

My second ever Lo using lace, I actually have in my UKS profile that I hate lace but for some reason I have been atracted to it recently.

I have lots of clips and charms and these little postage stamp maya road frames that I hardly ever use so I have started to embrace my little embellies which has been great fun too.

The Big White house
This is the view from the front doorstep of the house that was my family home for 32 years back in London, we always refered to the house across the road as the Big White House.
My friend Katy sent me these gorgeous strings of stitch woven flowers by Crafty Bitz and I just had to use some on this lo. YUMMY!

My gorgeous girl, she is such a lovely cat. and I love this picture of her wondering what I was doing on the computer, she even looks quizzical in the picture I think!
This Lo had 2 first and a second for me, I have never used little hanging charms on a lo before I don't think and I used 3 hearts on this one, I have also never used knitting but mum was doing tensions squares with some new wool and this seems to just go with the lo so I whipped it lol. And its only the second time I have used Magic Mesh, I have had it for ages (years infact and never thought to use it on a lo, now I have used it twice in a month lol. Oooo actually I also used Blonde moments shimmer paint for the first time aswell over the sisters leters, that is yummy stuff to.
We are family, I've got all my sisters with me!

This picture was taken the first time all 3 sisters found the hammock together bless them.

My OCD has gone away!

ooops!! didn't mean to take a picture of the clothers dryer lol!!
Grrrrrrr need to tidy! might even have to do it before I go to bed! Or maybe not lol.Oh! I think that was me lol!
ooooops blurry picture!
Mess Mess Mess!!! Grrrrr! looks like I know what I will be doing tomorrow lol!!
Arghghghg!!! I never noticed my lamp has gone wonky either LOL!! Guess who is getting out the screw driver in a minute lol
That is the only reason my crafting area could be this messy!!!! ARGHHHHH!! that and the fact I share a house with my mum and we are both scrappers and she is messy and I am tidy and I have been away for the weekend! Aha! there is the answer lol I still have OCD with my stash but my mum has been left alone with it the whole weekend lol.