Thursday, 28 February 2008

It's a BIG World out there

This LO was inspired by 2 things, Basic grey 2 scoops and Lori ( from Cathaircrafter blog ) I love her style and my matting for the photo was totally inspired by her. I had lots of fun covering these letters and painting the others, I really had fun doing my own scolloped edge on the pink too.
I love this picture of Justin and Kayleigh looking out of the window, it is so cute, a real father daughter bonding moment.

Toot Toot!!

Finally managed to get a copy of Scrapbook Inspirations and I want to TOOT!!! 3 members of our crop. Well done to Bex, Lori & Judi, Gorgeous layouts ladies.

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

BILBO!!! I thought I lost you! (It was the stashes fault!!)

It was my furry baby Bilbo's first time out alone, I let him out with the intension of going out in few minutes to check on him. I got distracted by the window cleaner and some rub-ons (obviously not at the same time lol). And next thing I know I am throwing myself up out of the chair screaming OMG! Bilbo. I ran outside with a pot of cat crunchies and called him, no sign, 15 minutes went past and nothing, my heart was racing. I ran upstairs to grab my shoes to run around the nieghbourhood looking, I heard mum calling and suddenly she shouted GOOD BOY!! and Bilbo came running in almost on his belly as he was not liking the wind. He has not really wanted to go out again today lol. Lesson learned! Do not get distracted by stash!


I got a phone call at 1am from my friends Katy, I thought she was being a drama queen as she was rambling and almost shouting about her house and bed shaking. When her husband told me aswell I knew it must be true, so I started looking on web news sites and breaking news started to appear about an earthquake which had started in the Lincoln area and the effects were being felt across England. I have to say I was shocked, having never personally experienced one, it was interesting researching it. It must have been very scary for the people in or near the Epicentre, Katy was scared enough and she is in Suffolk. I never equate earthquakes with the UK. Is this another reaction to global warming? What next?!!!

Back later!

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Time 2 Think

I enjoyed playing with the fibres under this journal card I made.
This picture of me was taken by my dad in the early 90's, I was in my late teens. (corkscrew perm and Dark pink leggins!!) What was I thinking. We were up in Cumbria visiting my Uncle Phil before he moved to spain. It was gorgeous weather and the scenery was stunning.


Bless my gorgeous boys, these are 2 of my male cats, the reason I took the photo, apart from it being really cute, ( I will have to scrap it at some point!) is that Felix (the black one) is quite an independant outdoor cat normally and does not spend much time with the other cats but it is so windy he decided to spend the evening indoors. Sid however is an indoor cat with no interest in the outdoors and loves everyone and everything. Mum was so surprised to see them cuddling each other that she whispered "quick! get the camera!" So I took a few pics. Amazing what a bit of wind can do lol.

Monday, 25 February 2008

More of my A - Z of me

Here are some more of the lo's for my A - Z book of me. I missed out D as I need a specific photo that I am waiting for to complete it. I am having such fun with this book, I like to do some arty, some cute and some very plain as the sentiment is more important.
In my letter C, I was sad that I did not have small enough pictures to fit all my furry babies in but I am sure they forgive me. LOL
This was so fun, I loved usuing the big puzzle piece for the journalling and I think the words describe me very well.
This is one of the layouts that that I was talking about when I said I like to do some very plain as the writing is so important. The tag contains a list of my closest friends. Since posting this I have added gems across the joining pages as I made the mistake of doing each side as a seperate entity instead of the gems flowing over but alls well that ends well as I have done it now.

Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder

I loved doing this lo, This picture is of my friend Emma having a girly moment as she often does and mean old me took a picture! (Tee Hee!). I chose BG Lily Kate becaue it is quite girly without being pink which is very Emma, also Emma loves green and the Mask is greenish and my walls in the photo are lilac so it all seemed to go well together. I got out lots of bling in the form of stickles and gems and had fun with it.

The lettering for Beauty, is Thickers foam Rootbeer with papermania Gems added.

The small lettering here is hand written with a Zig white marker and the " Eye and Beholder" are Thickers - Daquiri in chipboard then I drew on them with a Sakura Jelly roll stardusk pen.

I think Emma might kill me but I am sure she will see the funny side ( Ha Ha! )

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Here is my virtual friend!

Insomnia Sucks so I found a virtual friend!!

I can't sleep! I have a bit of toothache but I don't sleep well anyway, the annoying thing is my eyes are tired so I can't scrap but when I shut them they just ping open, so I went and found me a virtual cat to play with, she purrs and plays. It seems ridiculous that I have 15 real cats and I had to get a virtual one but they are all asleep lol.

Saturday, 23 February 2008

OK OK!! So I have gone BG crazy !!


I took this picture of a tourist trip to fife, a few years
before we moved up here. I just felt these Periphery and
Fruitcake BG papers worked so well with this picture, I
Imagined all the ornate architecture and plush materials
that would once have been there.
I tried a few new things with this lo, the first was that
I initially painted the chipboard letters in a nice dark
brown so the sides were dark and the top smooth, then
coloured the tops in with and American crafts, gold
galaxy marker pen, it worked a treat and gave a great
smooth finish to the letters.
The second new thing for me on this lo, was using and
ornate corner punch, I never thought of using it on a
matting before but a simple corner rounder did not feel
quite right. I thenmade a matching journalling piece.
The third and last of my new things on this lo, was that I
am always looking for new ways to use fibres, I used to
hate them but have started to embrace them, so I sewed
some in under my buttons.

With this lo, I was experimenting, to see how many ranges
of BG I could blend into a single lo.
I used, 2 Infuse papers, 2 blush papers, 1 urban couture
paper and 1 two scoops paper. Then I used teo scoops
buttons, Mellow buttons, Mellow Wilma chipboard,
Alyssa Fibres and finally Lilly Kate fibres. So I used
something from 7 ranges. So much fun throwing lots of
BG papers around and seeing which worked together
This picture was taken, easter 2006 when one of my best
buds Justin and his family came to stay for Easter. This
is Rhi Rhi his Eldest daughter and her sisters bunny.

More Inspiration from BasicGrey!!

I have been finding so much inspiration in basic grey
papers recently, I have just fallen in love all over again.
I am on the edge of my seat waiting for the new lines. My
Credit card just screamed in pain at the thought lol This is the first time I have ever used BG diecuts on a lo,
this tree and the little boy from the Mellow range were
so cute and easy to work with.I have to confess I was getting a little bored of the classic
BG alphabet stickers but I am loving the different fonts
with each new release. these mellow scripty ones are

This lo was so fun to do and reminds me of a great day
with Emma and EJ at the local park.

The start of my A - Z book of me!

This my front cover, I really enjoyed doing this and I
Loved using this YUMMY! Daisy Bucket paper, I am
big fan of thiers, I really like the texture.

My A is for Addict is to show what an addictive
Personality I am and have been over the years but how
happy I am that I found scrapping as I am now addicted
to something that I see myself doing forever, not
something that will just sit in a cabinet.
I chose B is for brave because as a child I was affraid of
many things and it all seems to stem from when we were
burgled when I was a child and we were asleep in our beds.
I was really disturb by it and I became affraid of anything
you could think of, Dark, injections, dentist, spiders, flying,
people, lifts, hieghts (you get my drift!) the list is to long.
However on the positive side, I chose Brave because
I have faced all these fears head on and the only one that
I would say still affects me alot is dentists but I will get
over it eventually I'm sure.
I never normally scrap myself, once in a blue moon. So
this book is an interesting self exploration aswell as
being lots of fun to do, so thanks to It's a creative world
blog, for the inspiration and prompts.

Feeling inspired by BasicGrey

I really loved working on this lo, I have entered it in a
competition along with some others I will upload later.
I have never entered a competition before but I thought
why not, if I go into it with no expectations then its just
fun and inspiration. The competition has really inspired
me to get all my BG ranges out and play with them again.
Doing this lo was fun as I had to chop up lots of sheets of
paper to hand cut all the different flowers.

Friday, 22 February 2008

Top of my MUST HAVE list! CHA 08


I loved this range the second I saw it. I have some great
pictures of Ethan playing with dinosaurs and some fab pics
on his birthday when I gave him his big battery operated
I love all the other bits especially the stamps, buttons and
rub-ons which are deffo on my must have list.
I really want all the new ranges but wallet fluff wont pay
for them so it will have to be a range at a time. lol


I collect MOMIJI, not obsessively (which makes a change for me! lol) but I get one every now and then that I fall in love with. My darling mummy has just bought me this one for easter. It is so me, I am like a kiddy at christmas, all excited. Normal I stuff my face with chocolate at Easter but now I have been diagnosed with Diabetes it seemed more sensible to have a little something nice with no sugar!

This one could not be more me if it tried lol!

Sisters are doing it for themselves!!

I loved doing this lo of one of my best pals daughters and
I really love working with BG papers stash aswell.

Grrrrr little furry wotsits!!!

Today has been an odd sort of day, not good or bad, just sort of odd! I spent 10 minutes pondering on what I would do if I won the lottery, then the next 10 minutes telling myself how stupid I am because I don't even play the lottery.

My cats were odd today aswell, not that they don't have continual moments of insanity but today most of them seemed too! I found one of younger cats Marvella on top of the toilet door, she has never done that before. Pheobe our youngest and tiniest has taken to waiting till the Poop in the litter tray is hard then fishing it out and playing football with it!!! That has got to stop NOW!!! It is not as though they dont have a ton of toys and a 6' tall activity centre but no she would rather play with Poop!!! We have also discovered that Bilbo who has a small head and a big body (bless him) is having trouble jumping and he completley missed the mantal piece and smacked his chin, poor thing. So he got lots of fuss and when we knew he was ok we did laugh it was the daftest thing you ever saw! I went to stay at my friends last week and so I still have my rolling suitcase out, just now I came up stairs to find that Smudgie had unzipped it, squeezed himself in a tiny hole and had manged after getting in it, to push it over and trap himself in it! he was very pleased to see me. When I got him out bless him. So strange day really!

However the great thing is that I felt inspired and did a lo with some of my older Colour Me Silly Basic Grey papers and I am actually really pleased with it, I will upload some pictures of it in a Mo.

I hope tommorow is a good day! or an odd day as it was ok just odd! lol

Thursday, 21 February 2008

12 x 6 lo of a DEER Friend!

Morning All, I have had fun working on my 12 x 6 lo. I was actually amazed at how much I could fit on a page. I will be doing more of them I think, I had only done 1 before and it was a potrait style, I must admit I think I prefer the landscape ones but I will try potrait again at some point.

A deer friend.
This lo is of my friend Alex, who is like a little brother to me, he grew up with my brother and 2 other lads who are all still best friends. This picture was taken when Alex came up from London to visit us with one the other lads Neil and we went out for the day to a Deer centre. We had great fun and I will always remember that weekend with a big smile.

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

More Scrapping!!

I have done lots of scrapping already tonight but I am stuck on a title! Grrrrrrr! I have done my second every 12 x 6 lo and I am really enjoying this size now, great fun, if only I could get this title. I want to put up pics of some lo's I have been working on but they are entries for a competition so am gonna wait for a bit, superstitious! me NEVER!!! LOL.

I am off to surf the net in search of title inspiration.

Tuesday, 19 February 2008


Well I just came back from the diabetic clinic and I have to take tablets now, which I really did not want! However my doctor is lovely and I know he would not ask me to do anything that was wrong for me so I will have to just roll with the punches! Ho hum! Surprisingly though I still have my mojo which I found yesterday again and so I am going to scrap tonight, that will keep my mind off things!

Have a better day than mine LOL.

Monday, 18 February 2008

Starting them young!

This is a picture of my friend Emma, at the time this was taken Emma and EJ where living with me. I just adore it, Emma, as you can see is starting him scrapping at an early age, he loves doing creative things and I think he will grow up to be quite the little artist, he has his own scrapbook already.


Well I got up in a great mood! The mood went south after I phoned the medical centre I have an appointment to have my toe nails removed at on friday, (I know! YUK! Right) but I have got my head around it and decided I was going to deal with it in a positive light and just get it over and done with. However! When I rang just to make sure I had the time right, the receptionist said " Oh Miss Browning, we have been trying to contact you, we have to cancel your appointment". ARGHHHHHHH!!!!! I was so annoyed, I told her she can't of tried very hard as someone is always in at my house. I now have to go back to my local clinic just to get another referal, how frustrating! I then rang to book for an appointment to make a new referal and they are all on holiday!!! GRRRRRRRR!!! Ah well another month or so with toe nails is ok with me.

I am off to see if I can find my MOJO as it went on holiday yesterday! Have a great day.

Sunday, 17 February 2008

The Slice

I have to have one! I have never invested in a die-cutting machine because I never found one that ticks all the boxes but this one really ticks them all for me so I will be watching for it's release and hoping my wallet is not full of fluff lol.

New Layouts

Here are the some lo's I have been doing at my friend Emma's and then at my crop on Saturday.

What a lovely day

The sun is shining, I can hear children playing outside and my cats are all basking in the sun.

I took Bilbo out in the garden for a run, he will be out on his own soon, I am just like a worried mum the first time her teenager goes out alone LOL.

Pheobe tried to steal my sausage roll out of my hands at lunchtime but I managed to save it just in time.

For the first time in a long while mum and I have both been in a great mood when we got up and have been doing the dreaded House Work and chatting all morning about all sorts of things. I hope things stay like this it makes for a wonderful day and puts a real skip in my step.

I am off to sort out pictures of the layouts I have done in the last week and I will pop back and post them in a short while.

Check out my Slide Show!

Crop Day

It was Crop day today! What a wonderful day, a lovely bunch of ladies, who inspire me and make me smile everytime we get together.

I run our local crop, I think as far as I know it is the only crop in the whole of fife but I would love to hear if there are others. I set up the Crop a year ago next month with my friend Emma, who is not able to come often now as she works weekends but happily she managed to make it today. I got 2 and a half Lo's done, I will have to put some pictures up when I have finished the 3rd one.

Right off to bed for me. Sweet and inspiring dreams to you all.

Saturday, 16 February 2008


Hi! Welcome to my blog! I used to have one but stopped posting in September last year but I miss it so I thought I would start again and try to post as often as possible now. So I hope you enjoy keeping up with me.