Monday, 28 July 2008

Tiny babies and Power Rangers!!!!!!!

I have always been a sucker for boy's papers but my gal pals Katy and Emma will tell you that I was never a fan of robots, however, these papers by Sassafrass turn my whole view around, now I can't get enough of them. ROBOTS ROCK!!!
I don't use stickers much these days, accept for Alphabets but these sassafrass die cut stickers are fab.
Loving those Glitter thickers too! Yum Yum! Can't wait for the new ones!
I do love this Picture of E in his Power Rangers outfit that his Mum got and the Helmet I got.
Here is a LO of one of my gorgeous Nephews, as yet I have no idea which one it is LOL but I am sure Steve will tell me as I am going to visit them tomorow for the first time.
I love these animals I cut out from Papermania baby papers.
And these rusty pickle cardboard letters I tore some of the top off and painted, that was so much fun.
I loved doing this lo, I never thought I would enjoy baby scrapping but I love it!!!!
Thank for looking, have a scrappy day. Jay xxxxx

Wednesday, 23 July 2008


For all the readers who have been following the early lives of my little gorgeous Nephews, I just wanted to let you know that my brother decided I was putting up 2 many photo's and to much information (which I didn't think I was) so I have taken it all off as it saves trying to figure out how his brain works. I just wanted to thank you all for your lovely comments and support over a worrying time. I shall set myself up a private blog later so I can keep track of everything. Thanks again.

Jay xx

New Vintage style LO and A HUGE RAK THANK YOU!

As a member of Ukscrappers website I had never asked for a RAK before so I decided when I saw one come up I would grab it as I had just started working on vintage lo's and this one sounded perfect. A huge thank you to Bridget.Williams for her gorgeous RAK, the items are fab and some of them got me thinking a little more out of the box than usual, I tend to be a person of routine, which isn't always the best when scrapping. I am going to have so much fun with all the lovely bits you sent me, thank you thank you thank you.

Here is my first vintage lo since the RAK arrived, from it I used a gold knot button on my Journaling ticket, the gold Mesh under the photo, the gold bead string and the pearl bead string. I can’t wait to use more bits on more projects.
Here I used Tim Holtz big tickets, they are fab to use and much easier to write on than the smaller ones I have.
Here I used a new pack of vintage Prima's I picked up in Perth at Stampaholics a couple of weeks ago.
Here I got the paint dabbers out, I used the hazelnut one to do a full first coat then lightly dabbed gold over the top.
With New twins in the family I thought it would be nice to scrap My Nan and her twin as well. Great fun! I am really enjoying Vintage, I wasn't sure I would.
Thanks for looking. Jay xxx

HOT HOT HOT HOT @ Ravenscraig

Monday 21st July

Today Vicki and I got up nice and early and went off to Glenrothes to pick up her Nephews, Robbie and Christopher to take them to Ravenscraig park for the day.
It was the hottest day of the year so far, so Vicki spent half the day re-applying factor 50 to the boys, we played in the play park for quite a while, Robbie loved the slide and Christopher loved the seesaw and swings as you can see in the photo's below.
It was a gorgeous day and it was like being in the tropics. After playtime it was off down coastal path in the park so we could go to the beach. Robbie was not a fan of shingles or cold water but he loved the sun. Christopher wanted to eat the shingles and lie in the sun but he did not like the cold water either, having said that neither did Me or Vicki for that matter lol.
We dropped the boys off late afternoon after a terrifying incident with what look just like a Japanese Hornet and we still have no idea what is was, it was so huge and nearly stung Robbie but a nice lady at the bus stopped stamped on it after I grab robbie screaming.
As you can see from this picture, Vicki and I spent so much time putting the cream on the boys we forgot ourselves lol. Ah well! I have to say mine is still agony and blistered but the boys were fine, that's the main thing.
Thanks Vicki great day out! Now to nurse me blistered back! OUCH!!!!!

Monday, 21 July 2008

New Lo!

I finally got some time to scrap this weekend and really enjoyed usuing the SEI Chick-a-doo range of baby boy papers, to do this lo of the boys. I also had a play with grunge board for the title and used some of the yummy Doodlebug velvet brads too. YUMMY!! I really want so of the doodlebug flock now too!!! Damn the stash ban!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

East Neuk Trip

Sunday 13th July
We decided to head off for the day for a trip up the East Neuk of Fife. Here we are at the start of our Journey.
We stopped in Anstruther for a while. It was a stunning day, so HOT!!!. Here is Vicki, doing what she likes to call wall bathing.
This was the first organ grinder I had ever come across. In the old days of course they had real monkeys who were trained to pick to Audiences pockets while they listened to the music but I don't think that cute stuffed one could pick many pockets LOL.
Then it was off up to st. Andrews. I took this picture lying on the grass at the Cathedral ruins.
Our last stop was Jannetta's Ice cream parlor, they are celebrating 100 years this year, there was a huge queue, but it was worth the wait, the Pineapple ice cream, was to die for!!! YUM YUM!!
Then it was back on the bus for the journey home. As you can see, we are a lot Redder than when we left lol. Great day! Nothing like sea air, to clear your lungs and put a spring in your step.

Friday, 11 July 2008

Jelly Belly Beans, Starbucks and Stash.... What more could a girl want!!!

On Wednesday it was a cheer Vicki up day, we planned to go into edinburgh then up to Perth, Emma rang while we were on our way to Edinburgh and planned to meet us on the way up to Perth.

Vicki and I had a giggle on the way to Edinburgh then it was Jelly Belly madness in Jenners, once we had filled copious bags with Jelly beans, not all for us of course!!! I got Em and E some and Vicki got some for Katy as well, which we posted the next day and Katy has already eaten lol. We then went for a quick Starbucks, I do love the Skinny Latte they do. Then we headed back to the station, after a small amount of confusion with the train we headed off to meet E & Em at Kirkcaldy. WOW E has grown up so much in the short time since I saw him last, such a little stunner and so good too.

On the train, we had such a giggle with E. Then when we got to Perth we went to have a quick look at the craft shop and then round to a lovely old fashioned toy shop so E could spend his money and then to the HONEY POT ( a fab Child friendly place) for our lunch.
E & Me
Vicki and Me

After Lunch we went back to the craft shop STAMPAHOLICS, run by a lovely lady who was so helpful and even let E draw and play in the fab craft room at the back of the shop, she went out of her way to help us which was lovely. I only spent £12, anyone who knows me, knows that, that is a MIRACLE in itself. Vicki however had a fab spending spree, which was great to watch, as it was her first ever Major stash shopping binge and she had the new stash glow afterwards. LOL.
Em & E

Last stop was the Park for half an hour, E had a run around and we had a chat and then it was back to the train and off for home. I had a really great day, very chilled and I actually found that I can enjoy shopping and not have to spend a fortune, Yes it is me lol!!!! No I have not had a bang on the head LOL.
Thanks girls fab day!

Friday, 4 July 2008

VICKI'S 26th Birthday!

BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRING!!!! my alarm clock woke me up! ARGHHHHH! it's 6.30am. On Wednesday 2nd July and it's my gal pal Vicki's 26th Birthday. She wanted to go into Edinburgh for the day so thats what we did. Her friend Beckie and her daughter Abigail who is just 2, met us on the bus, I had never met her before so I was a bit nervous but all went fine and Abigail is such a sweetie.
Me and Vicki on the train to Edinburgh

Abigail and Beckie

Once we got to Edinburgh it was off to the Shops, first we hit the Disney store, I was on a mission today to come back with EJ's Birthday pressies. I wont say what they are in case Emma is reading the blog, she knows but he might see.

As you can see here, Vicki loves the Disney store, she actually wanted us both to buy these and wear them all day, I am up for a laugh but that was pushing it a bit even for me! ( I know, Booo Hiss! Spoil sport lol)
I found EJ's First birthday Pressie in here then it was off to Hamley's in Jenners Department store to check out the toys in there, Vicki was more than happy to pretend that we were just going for EJ but she loved it lol.
Of course we had to pop to the food hall and Grab some Jelly Belly beans, I loooooooove the juicy pear ones, (I know Diabetic Blah Blah! but a treat every now and then isn't gonna kill me.
After that we wandered in and out of a few more shops and then we went Pizza hut for lunch, which was really slow but Yummy. I have to say the YUMMIEST part was the guy on the table next to us, anyone who knows me will vouch for the fact that men are way down at the bottom of my list of wants in life but he was very very YUMMY!!!!!!
After Pizza hut we wandered through town some more in and out of shops, we went into Paperchase and they had a sale one, bad move, I got some fab baby boy stash VEEERRRRYYY CHEAP! I love good cheap stash.
After that we wandered back down to Princes street and said goodbye to Beckie and Abigail and Vicki and I got a bus to the hospital, Vicki is off to KENYA next week and we had to get her Anti malaria tablets, we had no idea where we were going so we had to stop and ask, "Where is the INFECTIOUS DISEASES unit" DOH!!! a tad embarrassing but funny lol.
After that we headed back to town, I popped into Zavvi to get EJ a DVD and then we headed for Princes street Gardens to sit, chat and chill. We ended up there for around 2.5hours, we talked and laughed so much, I was actually high on happiness, which is a rare thing for me these days. I would say the only thing missing from the day was our friend Katy, she has Agoraphobia and lives in Norfolk so it was not possible but it would have just put a cherry on a brilliant day.
Vicki and I in Princes Street Gardens

Eventually we thought we better make a move, so we headed off to the train station, grabbed a Burger King and took it on the train. as we went over the forth train bridge the sun was starting to set and I had to take a picture, it was gorgeous. it never looks quite as good in a photo but it's not bad.

So when we arrived back in Kirkcaldy we went to Vicki's for her pic up some stuff and drop off her shopping then it was off to my place, we were at the bus stop and Vicki was looking at the Knickers her friend had given her (as a gag gift I think lol) and she said, " can you imagine if I wore these over my jeans all the way home", well I said the wrong thing, I said "go on I dare ya!!!" and as you can see she did just that!!! I have to say I laughed all the way back, we got all sorts of looks and comments and she even got a wolf whistle lol.
MMMMM not so Sexy Vicki LOL
As you can see from this shot, we stopped at the park near my house as we had a sudden urge to be kids again and Vicki had the sudden urge to get stuck in the round about, she could not stop laughing long enough to get out but she did eventually, we played on a few more things and wandered back to mine.
Well all I can say is I hope Vicki enjoyed her Birthday as much as I did lol. I shall have to have more days like that, It really is true what people say. "LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE".