Monday, 25 May 2009

New layout - My Granny and me!

This layout is a bit different for me I think but I really love doing it, spraying the vine with glimmer mist and after inking the hearts spraying them with ranger color wash, using the prima vine, which when they first came out I did not think I would like, using some funky little word beads I found in our random bits box. The little Love card was cut from a websters pages calendar card, (which are YUMMY!) then adding the chipboard swirl vines, all lots of fun and I really love the prima paper from the pulse collection, all in all, lots of fun playing with new and previous un-tried things. OOOOOO and loving the new BG square bling.
The other thing that was new to me is the card stock is cor-dinations white wash, the picture is not great but it is really brilliant stuff, my fav cor-dinations yet!
Thanks for looking.
Right off to watch BGT and BNTM and then bed I think.
Hugs Jay xx

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Crop; Visitors; A Work in progress, New STASH and for the love of a BADGE IT!

I can't believe crop time came around so quickly this month. I had great fun persuading Helen to change the title of her hubby layout from "My life would suck without you!" to " YOUR life would SUCK without ME!" (that was my Minx thing for the day lol). I am sure her hubby will see the funny side! or at least I hope so.
This is my work in progress, using BG Wisteria.
I have to say it was a good stash weekend, lots of yummy bits, including Grunge paper, spotty felt, fabby brads, Jenny bowlin button bling, white wash cor-dinations, a rolling train track stampin up stamp and a new paint pallet.
Lori and Jayne were down for the weekend, it was a fab giggle. Thanks for a brilliant weekend and a yummy chinese girls. I will remind Vicki to send the poppy seed chicken recipe too. We also did some stash swapping.
Here is what I recieved, totally yummy stash haul, Hamly rub-ons, Websters pages papers and a full set of websters pages Journaling spots and calendars. A gorgeous set of contemporary alphabet stamps, 2 packs of prima lollipop flowers, pink paislee captivating petals, maya road sheers, and prima journalling pieces.
Along with potty people transparency, hambly silk screen papers, 2 primas vines, 4 sheets of BG papers and a pack of hampton roses.
Another happy happy discovery..... Several years ago I bought a badge it! I don't know why! but I did! So anyway us girls re-discovered it over the weekend and decided to create our own flair style embellishments.
I have decided I not only love the badge it but I want a Super badge it, they don't make them anymore I don't think but I am sure I will find one somewhere.
Here are 3 I made to try it out, 1 with sassafrass ( my fav.) then a rusty pickle pirate princess one and a rusty pickle candyland one. I love the sassafrass paper so will have to make more of them.
Vicki took some gorgeous pictures of smudge out in the garden, he was totally flirting with her and this was one of my fav. pictures.

I am off to see if my mojo is around, I hope you all had a good weekend.
hugs Jay xx

Thursday, 21 May 2009

She said "YES!!!"; and for the love of BG!!! and Yummy new Stash!

Ok so I have had quite a busy few weeks but the biggest part of it was that I proposed to my GF Vicki and she said "YES", I was over the moon, we have our rings now, I wanted something contemporary, quite big and not the norm. I think mine fits the bill perfectly: It is Sky and London blue Topaz and Diamonds, I love it but more so I love what it represents, I am the happiest I have been in my whole life.

Seems a little odd to carry this post on by saying oooooooo look we got new stash but we did LOL and it seemed silly to do another post for it.
It was so exciting to get this parcel as we have not had new stash for quite some time, I Love Love Love the new BG Bling, epecially the square ones as most square ones look a bit naff but the BG ones are YUMMMMY!
Speaking of BG I have seen the 2 new ranges and I love them both:

June Bug because it is so eclectic and could potentially bring some of the older sets I have back to life along with the fact it is 2 sided and yummy on it's own.
Lemonade because I love the colours and patterns in the pack.

The designer cardstock looks Yummy, I want all 6 diff. packs lol, I have wanted then to do this for years, HURRAH!!!!

I also like that BG are branching out with the types of stuff they do in each range and they seem to have dropped the fibres, sad but I am guessing not enough people use them?!
These Journaling bits look yum!

As do these fun 3D felt woolies, I can't wait to have a play.And these yummy doily papers look like fab fun.

Although I am not sure about the pops but we will have to see.
My wallet is happy that they are not shipping until later June but my stash addiction wants it all now lol.
I can't believe it, I am Engaged and over the moon.
Thanks for reading, have an inspirational day
Hugs Jay xx

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Layouts, Huge cats, MIL's, Sisters and Eurovision.

So here I am again, I have done another layout, this time with the BG Granola range. I am still not sure about it but I thought I would blog it anyway.
I do like the general feel of it but I think maybe something is missing or wrong, I am sure I will figure it out.
Saturday night
So we had a girly Eurovision night tonight, Vic downloaded score sheets and we sat down ready to feel ashamed and see serious political voting. To my huge surprise for the first time that I can remember eurovision was a song contest again, there were some fabulous entries and it was a really fun night. Athough we didn't win, top 5 was a brilliant effort on Jades part. Everyone seemed to love Norway (even my brother lol) I however was not fussed and found him seriously cheesy, so I am not sure what I missed lol but I had a great time.
Also I had a real buzz, I know it is not a big deal but it is to me lol. I had submitted a few BG layouts to thier Gallery for the first time and I had one accepted, this is the layout, I had done it a while back for ATDML's BG comp. and come as a runner up, so I thought it might be worth a shot and now I get to see one of my lo's when I browse the gallery. I am soooooooo chuffed.
I am also really excited to see another 2 BG ranged due for debut in a few days time, the advert is not giving much away so it should be exciting, I must confess I was surprised that there were more new ones now but excited all the same. My purse is screaming "I am empty" though lol.
Friday (15th)
Friday we went to lunch with Vic's sister Clare and her son daniel, the only sister I had not met. We had a nice chat and lunch. It was good to meet them both.
Are those YUMMMMY! Fish Fingers? Daniel.
Hi Clare! step away from the phone!!!
So when we got home in the afternoon Vic and I thought we would have a scrap, so we did and for part of Vics layout she was using green glimmer mist (fabulous stuff). however I had a shock to find a splodge of it on her lo where it was not suposed to be and some on the elements I was using, I was busy telling vic off but she didn't have a drop on her, looking closer I realised that the offending marks resembled furry marks. Here is the offending feline Honeypot, showing her paws of guilt LOL, vic took advantage of the paw print and worked it into her design and I worked around the problem lol so no harm done but it was funny and believe it or not even with 18 cats, that is the first time ever that has happened lol.
Wednesday (13th) I am in love with the MIL to be's cat!!! We went to visit Vic's mum and had a really nice afternoon, I also met her best pal Julie who I got on with like a house on fire. However the hightlight of my day (yes I know it is sad but Hey it is me!!!) was meeting her OH!!! soooooo stunning cat TOTO. he is HUGE and fluffy and affection and stunning. I have never met a cat quite like him ( accept for all of mine but then I am biased lol) and for me that is saying something, what a gorgeous creature.

So it MIL ever needs a home for TOTO I am it, I love that cat lol! Hmmmm do I have a bag big enough to fit him in, I doubt it lol, it would take a suitcase and I think they might notice that lol.

Thanks for reading, I am off to try and be creative.

Hugs Jay xx

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

MISTY - Welcome back MOJO

Well the Mojo is deffo back and I am running with it. Myself and Vic are challenging each other to use predominantly BG for a week, here is my next offering, simple but I love it.
I used much some loved naked chipboard by BG, I do find there Chipboard is great quality. I covered it in Urban prairie, the whole lo is using Urban Prairie paper, sticker elements and glazed brads.
I am so happy that my mojo is back, I am off to play with the Eva collection pack now.
Thanks for looking, I will be back with more later.
Hugs Jay xx

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

FINALLY!!!! My mojo has come home.

Ok so my friends were all correct, Basic Grey helped my Mojo find it's way home, here are 2 layouts I did in the last 2 days.

A mothers arms, can stop the tears.

This is such a simple layout using 2 sheets of Archaic and some BG chipboard letters.

1 Teeny Tiny Baby, 1 Giant Yawn

I have lots of fun creating the paper flower and I do love the Marakesh papers.
I was surprised how much I liked the simpler approach in these 2 layouts.
I hope my mojo is back for good this time, I am off to do some more scrapping.
Jay xx

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Hurrah!!! I love our new CRAFT ROOM!!

So it is finally done! We have finished our Craftroom!! Whooooo Hoooooo!

Trust Honeypot to get her bum in the photo!
The wall you can see is a work in progress, we are creating a photo wall, it is loads of fun to do and we are finding it really inspirational.
It is so nice to have all our bottles etc. out and easy to use, although boxes still play a huge part in things as you can see lol.
I have to say that Pink has never been my fav. colour but I do really love the Feature wall we chose, it is really inspiring, even to me who loves dark boyish colours, the paint colour is Turkish delight and we both LOVE it! This was another thing I was not sure about, this retro cabinet but it just works perfectly in this room, I love it.
Thanks for reading and I hope to have got my mojo back and be posting Layouts soon, it has been so long but I feel like I am back in the flow now.
Hugs Jay xx