Saturday, 27 December 2008

Wow what a long time! & Merry Christmas

I know it has been so long since I blogged. At the end of November we had our Xmas crop, it was so much fun, everyone seemed to have a fantastic time. I will blog more about that on our crop Blog.

I have had a wonderful xmas and got lots of yummy stash, I have taken some pictures of it here:
Very Yummy Basic Grey! Thanks to Katy, Vicki, Mum and Jayne for this yummy lot.

And all this Yummy stuff, WOW WOW WOW!!! I can't wait to use it all.

And all this amazing paper, I am dribbling at the thought. I did feel a little inspired on Boxing day so I did a LO using my new BG Urban Prairie.

So Merry Christmas one and all and I hope you all have inspired New years! I shall be blogging more regularly I hope and catching up with all of yours

Jay xx

What a fabby Christmas!

It was my first Christmas with none of my Family around me, my brother and his family were in Ireland and Mum was l;ooking after his house so I spent my Christmas with BF Vicki. I have a brilliant time, we played games and spoilt each other rotten. I got fab presents from everyone this year, thanks you to Mum, Katie, Lori, Jayne, My bro and fsmily and of course Vicki, who cooked me fab meals, kept my house in order, looked after my furbabies and spoiled me rotten.

What more could you want in your Xmas stocking than you BF Vicki!!! LOL

Here are some pictures of non scrapping stuff I got for Xmas, if you want to see the my Scrapping stash pressies then pop over to my Scrappy blog and have a peak.

For Cuddles

For pampering.

Because I love them.

My phone has it's own wardrobe, 3 new socks and 5 new charms. So cute

I love Hello Kitty stuff!

I got sorts of other bits too! I can't wait to get my nose stuck into Dawn French's book and those book marks from claires Accessories will make fabby scrap embellies LOL. I can't wait to try my electronic Salt mill it looks like fun lol, thanks mum!!

I spent the whole of Christmas day in my new yummy snuggly PJ's.

So on Boxing Day I thought I would put a bit of slap on, which ended up being loads of slap in a rocky horror sort of genre. What great fun. Don't know if you can see but Vicki had massive bright pink eyelashes on. What a giggle, we played games, including something with chickens and Monopoly. Vicki beat me so badly lol.

What a great reminder of a fab Christmas! A great way to end 2008. I am really looking forward to New Year now!

Friday, 26 December 2008

What a fantastic time I have had!

I spent most of November getting into my job, I had a great time. I also managed to fit in a visit from Lori but I spent alot of the time working (sorry hun!) Then the festive season really kicked it with our Christmas scrap booking crop, on saturday 29th November, what a brilliant day we had and Jayne and Lori stayed the night before the crop. I will talk more about that on my scrapping and crop blogs.

Then December hit, I had so much fun, starting on the first of December when My BF Vicki and I put up our little advent tree's we had done for each other, they had a present for each day of advent on them, such a fab thing to do. Mine was the white tree.


Most of my time was taken up by work but I managed to spend some time with Vicki and on my first day off in december vicki and I chilled out for a much needed day of rest and watched Christmas Movies.

My Second Day off we went to Edinburgh and Glasgow for our Christmas shopping, what fun, in the morning we went to get a present in Edinburgh, we then went to Glasgow for a days shopping , we met my brother for his lunch and then more shopping and then at around 6pm we headed back to Edinburgh and went to the German market, it was my first time, it really had the feeling of Christmas, I had a fantastic day. Here are some pictures of our day.


VICKI and ME!!

VICKI as Dr WHO....?

Brilliant Buskers

US again.

The next pictures are of the German Market in Edinburgh, I have to say I will go every year now, just to feel the christmas spirit, if nothing else.

I have to sort out my Christmas photo's but I shall blog them tomorrow, I have had a great time and hope your are all having a great festive seasons.
Jay xx

I always look forward to this!!!!

Each year now, I look forward to this advert coming on at Christmas, I still laugh every single time it is on.


MERRY CHRISTMAS to all in Blogland!!

I must apologise for being away for around 2 and a half months, I got a job for a while and I really love it! Sadly it ends in a couple of weeks but who knows what will be around the corner.

I am going to try to keep a better blog but I had so much going on and was working 6 days a week. Now that I am used to that, things should feel easier to cope with, I have also not been very well, I still don't know why but am going to see my doctor next week as my toes and fingers are numb but I am sure it will be something simple.

Anyway, enough waffle

Have any of you decided what resolutions you will have come New years eve????

I am going to do a catch up post now with bits of what the last few month held for me.

hugs Jay xx