Wednesday, 19 May 2010


A layout and lots of yummy new stash! Well I say new stash, it is brand new just bought but may be old hat to some of you as it has been so long since I had a stash splurge, what with the wedding and everything lol but we did get some yummy prima and the new Capella collection pack by BG! and the set of plain BG called Practical,YUMMMMY!

OK so on my work desk today: is 2 piles of new stash (Mum bought it for me! bless her xxx) and a layout as I could not wait to use some of it lol. The Tonic Scissors are FANTASTIC!!! The papers in the first picture that are hidden by all the rest of the yummies are mainly Prima and are gorgeous.

Here is my latest layout:

I will be going round to all the other WOYWWers this week I shall have more time but it wont be all today a I don't get home until late. I am also hoping the stash fairy will bring me the 3 new sets of BG papers called Basic's!!! and at least some of Max and Whiskers! So I pop over quickly to the BG website to see which (if not all 3) basic ranges I want, just to discover 2 gorgeous new ranges, OLIVER and OLIVIA YUMMMMMY!!! can't wait!
Robbie went to a Fancy Dress party this week as a Pirate, he was not too sure at first but loved it in the end. He has been fighting a mild form of German Measles too, poor lamb.
Happy creating. Jay xxxx

Sunday, 16 May 2010

So Sorry!

Thank you so much to everyone who visited me on WOYWW, I was not able to get around to the other people who joined in this week, things have been a little hectic but I will be back in the swing of it for the next few weeks I promise and I still have a few days to get around to as many as possible.

Happy Creating Jay xxx

Wednesday, 12 May 2010


Well this is so much fun! My second week on WOYWW. I have several planned projects about to start, 1 is a layout and the other a plaque, I am looking forward to both but some of the contributing stash is just in a pile on my desk today, along with my laptop which is currently charging my Ipod ready for work lol.
For a closer inspection lol !!
I do love my music! It is a godsend with 5 hours commuting a day.
I am looking forward to scrapping and blog hopping around to see all of the other desk who join in to WOYWW.

Had a great day out shopping with mum today. We had lunch out and spent some quality time together, which was brilliant, even when you live with someone, quality time proves to be essential.

So What's On YOUR Workdesk????

Have a great day. Jay xx

Monday, 10 May 2010

So cute! New Layout and What a girl wants!!

OK! So I was looking through the cabinets at work and I was studying a newish range we had called charming tales, with totally cute little mice and when I read the mug on this little cutie I knew it has to come home to our craft room, I have never seen a scrapping related figurine before, so so cute. I have put one away until payday lol.

Ok! so I got my Che last night and produced a layout that I quite like, so I thought I would share it here:
I had great fun making this corner piece with bits cut from 1 sheet of Graphic 45 paper and a piece of string. I used stash from lots of era's on this layout.
I am pleased with how it turned out,although I kept finding things I could have changed.
And OMGosh! A girl like me, wants stash like this, being the BG lover that I am lol.
I can't wait for these ranges, the basic is so up my street; then the Cappella will be great for my wedding pictures and;
Max and whiskers will be brilliant for the cats.
For something totally Random, I loved this picture, it made me smile anything that can make a person smile has to be good.
That's me for today, happy creating. Jay xxx

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Promotion! & St. Andrew's Aquarium

Ok so I have been doing a little dance this last few days, I was promoted at work on Thursday, so I am a very happy bunny and I have to confess although I have a long commute, I am one of the lucky people who actually love thier job!

Today we had gorgeous spring weather, blue sky and a warm breeze, so we decided to take the boys to St. Andrews for the day, to see the Aquarium and visit the beach, the boys had a great time and so did Vicki and I.

Kris with his new lion-cub pal.
In the Entry Tank:
Robbie & Kristofer watching the fish:
A Tiny Ray:
This gorgeous tiny breed of Ray waves (well I want to think he was, so he is lol!)
Dino Ride Fun:
gorgeous creatures:
Pretty or Ugly??? I can't decide?!?
Then some fun on the beach before we headed home:
They love the beach:
What a great day, back to work tomorrow, then a day with mum on Tuesday. Life is good!!!

Happy Days everyone, Jay xx

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

WOYWW & A new leaf!!!!

This is my first week Joining in with WOYWW! I know it's fun because my Mum and partner both play along but I was being a bad blogger so I decided to wait until blogging had time back in my routine before I started to play.

So here is what is on my Workdesk:

Ewwww hmmmmm, think this needs sorting out lol!!

I am planning to use this pile of stash to create 3 different layouts

I have also decided on my project for celebrating a year of WOYWW, that should be loads of fun.

I was actually excited to have done 2 whole layouts in the last month, although they are different, I actually like them both. So here they are:

So I gave up on the 30 days project but not because I didn't enjoy it, more because I could not decide on my fav. things. I have too many things I love! lol.

In my title it says a new leaf, well I have finally taken my life in hand and have a routine, my new leaf is a diet plan for my wedding in October (YAY!!!), looking after my diabetes (which I have not been!), spending quality time with Robbie and Kristofer, (2 of my gorgeous nephews, both of whom are placed with my partner and I currently)and of course spending some us time with vic as we don't get much of that lol. I am in a really good place in my life and I am truly happy, my only sadness is I have very little time to scrap, so that has also been added to my routine.

I am planning to teach at the crop that I co. run, this month, I am hoping to do a class about journalling, it was something I often had trouble with but now I enjoy all the different ways to add it to projects.

To finish up, here are some pictures of a few days of fun with the boys on my days off:

Leven Beach fun at the arcade and the bouncy castle:

A Day on the Links Market Rides

Family day out swimming with Lisa, Kevin, Jamie and Oscar, Clair and Daniel, Vicki, Myself,Chris,Robbie and Christopher, then we headed to the beach for a burger. What a fab fun day.

I could blog so much but I better make sure that I blog more often rather than a huge post once in while.

Happy Creating and blogging
Jay xx