Sunday, 24 January 2010

Cropping fun!!

It was crop weekend, I am so pleased to be feeling better, (back to work tom. though YUK!!) but at least I got to go to the crop. I did 2 layouts YAY!!

This layout is Vic's class and below is my take on it, I loved the class. Stripping and ripping the cardboard was not something I had really done before, I loved it. Really fab class.
Here is my take on Vics class above.
Next I scrap lifted a layout of Vic's, this is my take on it and Below is vics original piece, I had a productive and fun crop.This is Vics original,which I adore.
I am laughing myself silly on the phone with my friend Katy, we have decided that Vics new name is Bridzilla Bucket (bouquet) PMSL. It is all true but funny and cute too lol.

I am hoping to get lots of scrapping done after work this week, then I am away for the weekend at a work function and staying in nice hotel. I will be sure to Blog at every opportunity.
Hugs Jay xx

Friday, 15 January 2010


So Vic and I are tying the knot, I can't wait! 9th October here we come!!

I found this image inspiring.

Not much more to say as yet but I am sure there will be loads a bit later!

I'm getting MARRIED!!!! Woooooo HOooooo!!!

Back to nursing my flu bug thing and getting ready to drag myself to work, hope you all have a better day than me.

Jay xxx

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

YAY! What a day! and I feel yukky!!!

Ok so the day started to early for me, I usually get up for work at 5am, so on my day off I like to stay in bed until at least 8am lol but the hospital kindly gave Vic an 8.10am MRI scan appointment YUK!

After that we went to Edinburgh for a good fun shopping trip. First stop Cath Kidston, what a fab time we had there.

A gorgeous shop, with gorgeous things, I got my bowls and some other little bits and Vic got her Apron and some bits too, we wanted half the shop.

There are even pet beds!!

And check out that gorgeous red spotty buggy.
We had lunch at Pizza hut, 1 last Hurrah before the diet starts tomorrow, hmmm bummer that we just discovered the best dam dessert I have ever tasted, the share Hot Cookie dough dessert is melt in the mouth, I recommend it to everyone who is not on a diet lol.We did lots more shopping, oooo I bought a Radley tote, its yummy! then our friend Becky rang and ask us to go and see her as she is going through a bad time right now, she lost her sister over Christmas.
We talked and played with her daughter Abigail, I have never seen the game, My first Operation, such a fun introduction game lol, I am a fan. We headed off home at around 9pm.

By the time we got home, I felt awful, I had not even fully recovered from having a dreadful cold/flue for the 3 weeks of Christmas and NY. However apparently I was due a deep chest infection bordering on Bronchitis. I feel dreadful! I am still working as I can't afford not to but I feel like curling up and not getting up for weeks, although I am not sure that would help either.

I do hope you are well out in blog-land. Back soon. Jay xx

Monday, 11 January 2010

My Surprise ROSE! and a homemade heart

Well just a quick blog from me to say I have the sweetest Fiancee, I was on my way home from a slightly stressful and physically hard day at work and as I got off my first bus, Vic was waiting for me with a long steamed Red rose, I was not even expecting her, let alone the rose, proof that Romance is most definitely not dead!

We also had a a really nice surprise, our friend Katy sent us this gorgeous heart, handmade with Cath Kidston fabric, it will hang in our bedroom. Thanks sweetie we loves ya xxx

We are off to Edinburgh tomorrow after Vic has had her MRI scan, we are going to do a bit of shopping and we shall be stopping in at the Cath Kidston shop, I can't wait.

I shall blog tomorrow and tell you all about our day, I hope to get my layout finished tomorrow night too.

hugs Jay xx

Sunday, 10 January 2010

WE WILL ROCK YOU!!! Oh yes they did!!!

What a day yesterday, so wonderful to see our little Oscar looking so much better, he is such a cutie.Then it was off to Snowy Edinburgh..........

..... to see what is now my fav. ever musical... WE WILL ROCK YOU! What a brilliant show, so so so good, well written, funny and spectacular.
The cast was amazing and Killer queen was played by Brenda Edwards Semi finalist on x-factor, who was phenomenal, I have always wanted to see her live, that role could have been written for her, she was AMAZING!!!! I was never a fan of Darren Day but he was also brilliant in it, as were the rest of the cast, voice on the girl who played Scaramouch was outstanding, such a brilliant show. I am still working on my latest lo here is a tiny sneak with not much on it lol but I have to say I am finally learning to use Co-ordinations card stock, the chocolate box and white wash are my fav's, brilliant fun.

Happy Crafting, back soon. Jay xx

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Wow some actual scrapping and What a start to 2010!

This Year has not started well, I took Vicki to casualty on NYE or should I say 4am NY day, she is ok but that was not fun. There were no buses on the 2nd in my area so I had expensive taxi's to get me to a place buses would get me to work and then I got stuck in snow, I pray this is not a sign of our coming year LOL.

Whooaa! I actually managed to do a layout and I actually like it lol. I used mainly stash from my new BG Nook and Pantry collection, that I got for Christmas, what great papers to work with.

I also used a Prima pebble for the first time, what yummy accents they are!!

Ok so I have been searching for info on the next CHA, I usually got my info from Lifetime moments but was so sad to see they had closed down.

I have seen a few sneak peeks I like though, my must haves are all the 12 new Time Holtz distress ink colours:

The 4 Heidi Swapp special colours of Glimmer Mist:
And the already released BG ranges Origins and Sugar Rush, YUM YUM YUM!!!

On a non stash note, my friend Katy has introduced me to the world of Cath Kidston and although some of her stuff is over floral for me she has some fab stuff and I MUST MUST MUST have these bowls, cereal bowls in the shape of old fashioned mixing bowls, YUMMY!!
OK so getting home from work last night, nearly did not happen, I have a very long commute and there were blizzards and hail storms all the buses in Dundee stopped running, so I had to hope for the best and get a train to a town near home and them my oh so sweet BIL Kev came and got me from the station but the journey home was scary.
I was home for about an hour, the snow had stopped and all was warmer, then suddenly the heavens opened and this came down, Mum and I could not resist a play and a few pics.
LOL mum making the first footprints on the drive.
Vic looking fed up that she could not come out, she has severe Bronchitis and cold does not help it, so she was in bed bless her.

I did enjoy the snow for a few days but a few weeks is starting to suck! I will never wish for, or dream of a White Christmas again!! LOL
I am off to do another Layout, here is a quick picture of a kit I have put together to play with, I will post a picture of the finished layout, when it is done.
Happy crafting and Happy New Year. Jay xx