Friday, 30 May 2008

Magnolia Stamps

I got 7 new ones this morning, yep, I know Stash ban, but Mum actually paid so I am off the hook again. They are so cute. I have to say I have not yet worked out if I can use them on a layout, I am determined to find a way through. Tee Hee.

Just thought I would mention this as it made me smile. I was Smacked on the UKSS smack blog last night for being Fat, liking Momiji dolls, having cats and liking Magnolia stamps. Well if that's the worst things that are said about me then I guess I can't be that bad. LOL

Thursday, 29 May 2008

OWL be calling U...ooooooooooo

I had good fun with this lo today, the Sassafrass Lass papers are great to cut up and 3D. I do love this picture and it seems to work with the papers, well it does to me anyway. LOL
Have a good evening everyone. xx

Birthday Card

Still doing cards, this was a girly B-day card using a tilda stamped image, Hiedi Grace rub-ons, Dream street paper and DB pink Peel offs.

Lazy Smudgie

For 4 hours this afternoon Smudge lay along my window sill (sp) fast asleep. He didn't move an inch, I took this picture When Marvella, the other cat in the picture started prodding him and still could not move him. then I moved a tub of pins and he must of thought they were cat crunchies because he shot up all excited, which just goes to show he was just being ignorant LOL.

NOOOOOOOO!!! Moonlight cancelled!!!! *SOB*

I have been religiously following the Vampire detective show all season on Living TV, to now read that CBS in America have cancelled the show so there will be no more episodes! Arghghghghghghgh!

I admit that part of the reason I watch it is the extremley YUMMY! Alex O'loughlin but it is a good show and the further in to the series you get the better it gets! I am totally gutted they are taking it off.

Goodbye Moolight! GRRRRRRRRR to CBS

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

He came a knocking......

..... mr. postman arrived with 2 wee parcels today, poor man was soaked but my parcels where perfect.
A couple of Yummy Animal crackers papers by Making Memories, the one with the big letters if flocked, so cute. The SEI Chick-a-doo papers, fabby for boys. doodlebug buttons and ribbon and the baby boy felt fusions, which is gorgeous.
The other pack was these gorgeous croquet embellies by Enfys. You can do swaps with her or buy them, just go and look they are so Yummy.
I wonder if Parcel post will be nice to me this afternoon.

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

More cards

I am back in scrapping mode now but before I laid out the lo I am currently working on, I finished these 2 cards, the left hand card is BG papers and letters with Prima flowers and a Sugar Nellie Stamp (Thanks Tracey xx). The Sugar Nellie are sweet but I am deffo. a Magnolia girl. (I never thought I would hear the day I said that!!!!!!!!! The right hand card is BG paper with a Santa cut from a sheet of 12 x 12 paper from Dovecraft! I think, will have to check that it is not PM. and I just raised the Santa on 3D foam and inked his edges, then if you look closely you will see a line top and bottom of Gold Happy Christmas's in peels offs..... "PEEL OFFS" I hear you cry!! Yes well it is true that I am not a fan of peel offs, I have loads from a long time ago when I was first card making, HOWEVER...... The DB small words come in really handy and I actually think they look good too. "OK, OK" so it's just me then, each to their own I guess, lol.

Thanks for looking, hope your all having a good evening.

Jay xx

Thank you Mr. Postman

I got a nice little parcel this morning from A Trip Down Memory Lane. So many people I know are either having or have had boys this year that I thought I better stock up on Baby boy stash but as I am on a stash ban mum did some orders. I did of course help her choose LOL. So here are the bits we got this morning.
I wonder if the nice postie will bring anymore this afternoon. Ooooo I hope so!

5 things that make me HAPPY!!!

I have been challenged by Vicki to look around me and list 5 things that make me feel Happy, so here goes.

1) My 15 gorgeous Fur babies, I love my cats so much and even when I am down all it takes to make me feel warm and loved is 1 of them to jump on my lap and purr. (I know, get the sick bag!) but it is true.

2) My stash, Both my mum and I share a house and are both scrappers so we have a large stash mountain and if it wasn't for the fact I would rouine it, then I would regularly roll in it.

3) My computer, I don't drive and I live in a tiny town, so it gives me easy access to friends and family and it's fun aswell.

4) My bed with fresh clean linen on it, there is nothing like the feeling of getting out of the shower and jumping in to a freshly made bed. Yummy.

5) A picture of me and my younger brother, we had out moments when we were younger but we are really close now and as he lives about ad hour and a half away I dont see him all that often, so the picture keeps us close.

So there you go, 5 things that make me happy.

It's was actually nice to sit here and think about happy things for a change, thanks Vicki, Great Challenge.

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Interactive lo

I went for a more simple feel in this one with an interactive 3 page book of information about Ravenscraig castle. which pulls out of the top of the photo. Here you can see the hidden book showing more clearly. I had fun doing the circle pictures down the side, it gave a different feel that I liked, I will use that format again.

Have a great rest of your BH Weekend everyone. xxx

Mini book fun

I got some of my minibooks out of the cabinet this week and thought I would put up pictures of these 2. This one is an accordian book of tiny pictures of my Dad and some have my Granny in as well, I used a more vintage style than my usual as I felt it worked with the photo's.
I really love the 7 gypsies gaffer tape, it is great to use and really suits the vintage feel.

I love these pictures because it was an innocence I had never seen in my dad. I guess I never thought of him as ever being a child.
Most of the bits I used one this book are 7 gypsies, I really loved the baby postcard. I gives a great effect.

These pages represented his love of music even from an early age.

This is the end of my wee book. I really love it, so I though even though I did it a while back I thought it deserved a place on my blog.
The book below is an Acetate book of my cats, Inspired by Rebeccas Scrapbooking Stash and Sarah's Cards Ltd class for the UKS 5th Birthday cyber crop. I had great fun doing it and found it a challenge to look good all the way through but it seemed to come out ok in the end.

Thanks for looking xx

Friday, 23 May 2008

So Sweet!

What a sweet thing, Katy one of my BF's dedicted this friendship bear to me on her blog. Right back at you babes. As well as Katy I want to dedicate this to my VERY special friend Justin, he has been there for me through thick and thin and he never judges or pity's me if things don't go my way, he just helps me to dust myself off and fight the good fight. Katy, Justin I love you both, thanks for being there for me.

I am not sure how much Justin will like the teddy bear and flowers as he is an old school rocker but I know he will like the sentiment behind it.

Love you guys

Jay xx

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Exhibition Day

It was the first day of the Exhibition at the hall we use for our crop, it has displays from all the different groups who use the hall. It was a great evening and I got some really interested people who want to join. I just had a wee corner to display and demonstrate what we do. It is not a great picture but it gives the feel, I shall take more pictures tommorow as I will have my laptop out then with a slide show on.

Great people, fun night.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

My Cards

I have had a short break from scrapping for a couple of days and made some cards, just thought I would post a picture of a few of them.

I was not originally a fan of the Magnolia stamps but they grew on me and then at the crop my lovely friend Tracey had loads of then and let me stamp some images, I have to admit I really am having fun with them on cards, so I am now a Tilda and co. convert.
I have to say I wasn't a fan of Paper Mania papers either until I tried some of their newer lines and I really like the oriental stuff, much better quality papers too.

PAPER GATOR! I want one of these.....

This is my big want at the moment, I love doing minibooks and this looks like a fab toy to have so it is top of my gadget want list now. All I need now is money! lol I can dream!!

My first class

I had such a good time at our mega crop, you can see more about it on our crop blog here.
I taught a class for the first time ever, I was so nervous, I have no idea why as the ladies at my crop are amazing and love them all to bits so I had no reason to be nervous. I just hope that they got something from it.

I called the class, “A simple layout, Infinite possibilities”. The reason for the title is the concept behind the class. I have only taken a few classes myself, other than Cyber crop classes. The reason that I have not done many, is that I often get a little disgruntled that although I have come away with great knowledge and a stunning layout, most of the time, I often have something that is not my taste or even my colour choice. The layouts are often gorgeous but they don’t feel like me.

So I put this class together to show how a simple recipe of fun techniques, pictures and embellishments can allow us to have fun doing a class but still come away feeling like we didn’t have to totally compromise our taste along the way. Obviously anyone who teaches a class has to call upon there own style but there is no reason why your own taste can't be captured too. These were my example lo's for the class.

Here was my class hard at work, I had such a great time, thanks ladies you were brilliant.

TWINS Awwwwwww!

My mum found this picture of my Nan and her twin brother when they were just 1 month old. So I thought I would share it as I want to get a copy to scrap and its just so cute.

Lazy blogger

I know I have been a lazy blogger but I have been really busy, I promise and now I am trying to catch up with myself so expect lots more blogging from me. I am a little frustrated however that I forgot to take pictures of may latest lo's. They are now in the church hall in our crops exhibition so I will have to take pictures when I bring them home.

Felix licks the lid of life....

I managed to get a few cute pictures of my furry baby Felix having his weekly treat, so I thought I would share one with you. He is totally addicted to Muller yogurt but we only let him have it once a week, he would live on it if he could. He does not want it from the pot or a bowl or plate.......
He will only "LICK THE LID OF LIFE!!" Bless him

3 Arte y Pico Award

I was so taken aback by being awarded this by Lori, I admire her work so much, so for her to award me this ment a great deal. Check our her blog here . I am so inspired by it.
A huge thanks Lori, sorry it took so long to put it up, it has been so crazy with our Mega crop and the Exhibition.
I want to award this to Katy for being an inspirational friend and I have loved seeing her style developing over this year.
I also want to award this to Marieke for inspiring me to push my own boundries in colour choices and for her fabby blog, which you can see here.
Thanks for all the inspiration ladies your fantastic.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Bad Blogger

I have been spending the last 10 days prepping for my 12 hour crop, I have lots planned and I am teaching my first ever class aswell, so that is why I have been AWOL.

My crop is on the 17th of this month and then I am involved in an exhibition for part of the following week, hopefully come the end of May things should be back to normal and I will have lots to post about.

I will be back tonight to do a wee post as I have been given an award and also tagged so I will catch up with those.

Hope everyone is well.

Jay xxxxxxxxxx