Monday, 29 September 2008


Well my friend Beckie, who's Blog I regularly visit for inspiration HERE! has a lot to answer for this week. I popped on to have a read and I saw her chatting about Rose Moka designs, so me being me, just had to have a look and of course fell in love with the papers and tiny letters. My mum being mum did me a little order to try them and I am addicted. I find the papers so easy to work with and the tiny letters are so yummy, I found some even smaller ones from Adorn it on Sarah's cards, that compliment these well too.
So Beckie, if you happen to read this, I will be having words LOL! but seriously thanks for the advice, it's all so yummy. I produced 2 layouts that I really do love.

Bling and Prima's seem to hit the spot for an 80's revival feel.
I just looooove all the bright colours.
These pictures were taken on a girlie 80's make-up moment, we just really fancied having some fun with it and I really love these 2 pictures of the make-up I put on Vicki in a rainbow formation. Great fun to do, both the layout and the make-up for that matter.
Everyone says this a scary picture of me but I am fascinated by it, I really like it. Not sure what that says about me lol. It was taken on a Girls Night in with my Pals Jayne and Vicki, we decided a Gothic Make-up session was in order. and this photo was what Vicki did to me.
This was the first time I had used the darling chipboard thickers in this gorgeous lipgloss pink and I have to say I love the font and the colour. Yummy.
For the main part, this is all Rose Moka papers but I also used Creative Imaginations rub ons and some buttons, I really love the American crafts square ones but I can't seem to find any shops that sell them anymore, if anyone knows please let me know.Hope you all had a fabby and creative weekend. xxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 25 September 2008


I have worked out that I have been counting wrong, (you would not think it would be hard lol)
Today is my 60th day smoke free, Yippppeeeee!!!

Jay xx

Proud Mum, Organ grinder and Our Star

Here are my next 3 lo's.

This photo makes me smile, I had never seen anything like this before, it was really entertaining to watch. I enjoyed playing with all the elements on this lo.

The photo in this second lo is really important to me as it is the only one we have of my little brother after he was run down by a car.
I wanted to use bright colours against the sepia photo for a change.
I hand wrote the journalling because it was so personal.
The last of these layouts is SUCH A PROUD MUMMY which I did simply to go with my a previous Proud Daddy lo.

Thanks for looking. Jay xx

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Wall Bathing and Pole Dancing Giraffes!

This lo came from Vicki and I having a giggle on the bus, she collects giraffes and I had just found this wee one for her and she made it pole dance on the bus, so had to scrap it.

For the Letters in the Word Dancing, I used Heidi Swapp Schizophrenic naked chipboard letters and I first painted them in MM paint, the colour I used was called eat your carrots. I then got the A C and N and coloured over the top of those with the Yummy stardust clear gellyroll pen for a shine and the DNIG are flocked in the GORGEOUS Doodlebug Flock, now this is some seriously YUMMY stuff.
The plain and the patterned card stock in the Blue are both pre flocked Doodlebug yumminess, so nice to work with.
So here he is JB the Pole Dancing Giraffe

I really loved doing this lo, it was relatively simple but I liked how the elements just fell into place for me, I think I mentioned this before but I am so in love with the Puffy Thickers YUM YUM YUM.
I am not sure how much you can see the detail on the long swirls, but I used a simple chipboard swirl, I painted it in MM shopping bag paint, I then coloured it with the clear stardust Gellyroll pen and when that was dry I used a good coat of Rangers crackle accent and it left a great effect IRL.
After years of detesting my own handwriting I am as (Heidi Swapp) so correctly wrote. learning to love my own handwriting.
I took these pictures of Vicki in Anstruther late spring early summer, doing what Vicki likes to call, wall bathing, I call it crazy as there is a sheer drop down to the sea on the other side of that wall, I have a daring side but my Vertigo say no to wall bathing lol.

So here is the finished piece. Thanks for looking. Hope you all had a good weekend. Jay xx

Sunday, 21 September 2008


It was crop day today and I managed to get 4 really different lo's done.


This first lo only has 1 tiny passport photo in and a clear wallet full of cinema tickets of films I went to see with Mark, the guy in the picture with me, who was my boyfriend at the time, all those years ago.

I used a chipboard film strip and painted it black then chose 6 film tickets and printed a picture from each film and pasted them in to the strip, along with the picture of Mark and I.

I used the gorgeous papers from the American Crafts, Everyday range that Katy bought me for my Birthday, they are really easy to work with and the speech bubble paper is fab, great to cut out, I hand wrote the quotes, which is great for me as I am not keen on my Hand Writing.

This was good fun, again using the feel and techniques Lori taught at the August Crop. Another 8.5 by 11, I am enjoying those.
Grungeboard swirls were great fun to use and I do like that they are so flexible that they flow across bumpy areas.
Sayba is such a skittish cat yet when you bring out the camera she will pose non stop, funny cat, most of my cats are the opposite. LOL.
This is really Eclectic, one of those lo's I just threw things at and really liked what happened. Lots chipboard and Bright colours, I used a sheet of paper from the Nana's Kid DCWV book, the pictures were so bright and fun taken on such a gorgeous hot day! ( Yes we really did have a hot day this year but if you blinked you might have missed it! LOL)


I chose to do a really simple lo for this picture as it has such important memories for my mum, that I didn't want to over dress it as mum likes simple lo's.

The brads and Flocked Spiders web paper are from last years MM Halloween range.
The stickers are RP and 7 Gypsies, the large letters are AMM chipboard and the others are Doodlebug stickers.
I felt really productive this month and after the crop we popped into the local craft shop, Shock horror, I only picked up a couple of bits.
A roll of Ribbon, a set of glitter boarders and a pack of the New Papermania Glitter Trims.
I look forward to trying those out.
Thanks for reading.
Happy Scrapping Jay xx

80's, Gothic (ISH), Belated Happy Bday to me, CROPPING, Kermit, NEW shoes a Ring and KFC!!!!!


Up early, Vicki and Jayne stayed the night and we got up, had tea and toast, packed the car and headed off for the crop.
It was a really great day, we had such a laugh, special shout out to Vicki, Jayne, Lori and Peggie, who had me in stitches all day. I managed to get 4 layouts done, which you can see on my here crafty blog

After the crop I went Shopping with Jayne and Vicki, I got a couple of tops and some makeup which I don't have pictures of and then I spotted this ring that goes so well with a top I got last week.


OOOOOOOOOOOPS! Then I stumbled across these shoes and fell in love. They are so very different from any taste I have had before, I am never this girlie. First time for everything. I had originally posted an apology to my friend Katy for not liking these types of shoes but I have since found she hates mine LOL.

Then it was off to the Vodaphone shop, I had been eyeing this up since Vicki got hers last week and Jayne said she would buy it for me as a belated Birthday pressie, she was going to buy me scrapping stash but I really wanted a new phone so it was ideal. She got me a Kermit ( I love Kermit!) Phone Sock too. I never saw the point in them but now I have a phone with a big screen I totally understand or this will be scratched to bits in 5 minutes. Thanks Jayne hun your a total star.



After Our shopping we went home to drop off our stuff before maybe going out for food, when we got home we decided that as mum really wanted KFC as she had not had one in years we would drive out to get her one, I think that is the happiest I had seen her in ages lol.

Thanks Colonel it was YUMMMMY!!!!

After Supper, we decided to have a make-up session, so I did Vicki's Make up in a neon goth sort of feel, I was going for 80's camp meets Goth girl. What do you think?

80's meets goth

The reason for us doing this make-up today was that Jayne was going to a party soon and wanted dark goth like make-up and was not used to doing it, so she asked if I would show her, so I did her make-up black and purple and she really liked it.



However when we were looking through the pictures this one appeared and it really freaked me out, she appears to have the eyes of a cat, (or do any readers remember the TV show V (YUK). I guess it's a trick of the light but it is soooo STRANGE and a lot CREEPY!!!!


Then it was Vicki's turn to do me! It seems Vicki thought I didn't look moody enough already lol. So here I am Gothing it up real good!!!!



What a day, I have such fun from start to finish but you know when your getting old, when you can't wait to get into bed lol.

Thanks for reading. Jay xxx

Thursday, 18 September 2008

51 days!!!!

Still no urges and I hate the smell of smoke now so it looks like it will be easier to stay a non smoker than I thought YAY!!!

For once in my life I am REALLY PROUD OF MYSELF!!! YIPPPEEEE!!!!

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Deep in Concentration!!

I Love this photo, that I took of my friend Beckie deep in crafting mode.

Ambrosia is a fantastic range to work with and this is my second lo using predominantly this range. Yummy!!!
I am really loving the 8.5 x 11 size.

Thanks for looking

Jay xx