Friday, 22 August 2008


Monday 18th August

Vicki, Mum and I started to watch HEROES from series 1 on DVD and we were
Hooked. By Wednesday we had watched them all. Now I have asked for series 2 for my birthday in 2 weeks time lol.

Sunday 17th August

Jayne and James went home today, it was such a great week, the only issue is that several of my cats have got stressed with James being with us as although he is a great kid they just don’t like children, so his visit has proved to be rather expensive in cat bills but it was totally worth it. Sadly, this incorporated with Emma not being well and Mum wanting to be available for her and me have to do work for the JC, ment I had to cancel my friend Justin and his family coming to stay, I was devastated to have to cancel and I am so lucky to have a friend like Justin who still loves me.

Saturday 16th August

YAY! It was crop day today and we had a really fantastic class by Lori Laing. What a brilliant class, I learned some fab new techniques, which I shall be using again and again, I’m sure.

My creation from Lori's Class, I really liked working in 8.5 by 11.

After the crop Jayne, Vicki and I went to Ikea as Vicki had never been to one, we picked up a few bits and headed off to my brothers, so that the girls could meet my
Nephews for the first time and it was Vicki’s first time meeting my brother as well, they hit it off well, which was great and Jayne and Vicki both loved Emma. Then it was time to head back home.

DIME CAKE!!!!!!!

Friday 15th August

Tonight Jayne came back; collected me and we went on a road trip to collect my mum
From my brothers, while Vicki stayed at home with J. It was a good night and we all
Chilled out when we got back and checked we were packed for the crop tomorrow.

Thursday 14th August

Today we decided to take James to Ravenscraig. This is a great Park, it has a coastal path with beaches a fab kids playground and a Castle to boot. James and great fun and wants to go back next time he visits.




Again with the wet bum Vicki!!!

I finally made it across the bridge to see the castle grounds YAY!!!

Wednesday 13th August

We decided today, that no matter what the weather we would go out today, so off we went into our tiny local town, Vicki treated us to lunch at the Shorehead Café and did a little shopping then strolled down to the beach for some paddling, a bit of shell collecting and frisbee throwing. Vicki decided to sit on water logged sand LOL and had a very wet Bum, which made us all smile.

Not a pretty site but a fun day out!

Vicki loves water
Tuesday 12th August

I got up early to get mum packed to go off and spend some time with the Grand babies. She went off at around lunchtime. Now this was a truly lazy day, J and I Spent the whole morning on the Wii lol but we had such a laugh doing it and the rest of the day was split between the Wii and scrapping.

Monday 11th August

We planned to go out but sadly it was pouring with rain, James however did not find this to be a bad or sad thing, he plugged in his Wii and we played Lego Indiana Jones and we did lots of Scrapping, for an 11 year old boy I think he is fab, he loves scrapping. I have seen adult newbie scrappers struggle at the start but he goes in head first, he has been plying with old stash of mine but I am gonna have to get him so current stash now I have seen what he can do, he can only get better. Well done James, you Rock!!!!

J the Brilliant wee Scrapper!!

Some of James' Scrapping

More of James' Fab scrapping, with the help of his mums Cricut.
I love the Skate LO!
Sunday 10th August

Today we had planned to get the train to Edinburgh to see some of the Fringe and so James could see the Lego show that was on but when we got to the station all trains had stopped due to flooding. So I asked James what he wanted to do, he chose the Deer Centre. We had a giggle for the first half and hour as James loves it there but we soon got hit by rain and then due to wet fields no land train. So we decided after a short while to head off to St. Andrews for a Subways, when we arrived we found had been flooded so we went to Jannetta’s café for a Hot Pannini, I had smoked salmon and cream cheese YUMMY! Then next door to the Ice-cream parlor for Pineapple and Scottish tablet Ice-creams double YUMMY!!!!

Tounge Painters

Feeding the Deer

Yummy Ice-Cream

After that we headed back to the car and headed off to Kitty Crafts near Dundee, what a fab. craft shop as Vicki and I had never been, they are soon to be sponsors on UKS and if their web shop is as good as there B&M shop we are in for a treat. A great day was had by nearly all of us, accept Jayne’s partner Keith, I think it was deffo too much a girly day for him, never mind. Tee Hee!

When we got back Jayne and Keith had dinner with us, then off they went home to leave James to have a week with Vicki and Me.

Saturday 9th August

My friend Jayne, her partner Keith and her Son James arrived today and Vicki is staying for a week or 2 so it should be a great giggle.

Tonight we went out to Frankie and Benny’s in South Queensferry to celebrate James’ 11th Birthday. We had a really nice meal and Jayne surprised James with an extra present of Mcfly Concert tickets. He was so shocked and happy bless him. Vicki Stayed in and cat sat for the night, which was so sweet of her. Thanks hun you’re a star.

Mother and Son

Happy Couple




James in shock after getting his McFly Concert tickets.

Mon 4th August

Well it has been 7 days since I had my last ever Cigarette and I am really happy, I thought I would be crawling up the walls but as yet I am fine, I even forgot to put a patch on yesterday. Fingers crossed it stays like this.

Wednesday30th July

I had to come home from seeing the babies today, I didn’t want to, well only if I could pack them in a bag and take them with me. I can see my brother and his GF will make make wonderful parents.

Tuesday 29th July

I went to visit my Nephews FINALLY for the first time ever today. I can only begin to imagine how small they were when they were born as they are still so tiny now. It was great having the chance to see my brother and his GF actually being parents to these gorgeous tiny little boys.

Me as a proud Aunt for the first time.

The reality of how tiny he really is.... and he is the bigger twin

Monday 28th July


This was huge for me as I have tried a few times but never really wanted to. Now my Nephews are here and I am the only one who still smokes out of all my F&F I want to quit, so today is a fresh start for me. No smoking after 26 years.

I am using NIQUITIN Patches I will let you know how I get on..


dddeeebbbzzz said...

Wow! What a catch up!! Looks as though you've had a fab time! Nephews are gorgeous!! James' scrap pages are super!! What a star!! Congratulations on quitting smoking!!

Hils said...

Yeah another non smoker! Keep it up Jay and if its bad use smoke line! I am now 7 weeks and 5 days away from my last cigarette and feeling great!