Sunday, 9 May 2010

Promotion! & St. Andrew's Aquarium

Ok so I have been doing a little dance this last few days, I was promoted at work on Thursday, so I am a very happy bunny and I have to confess although I have a long commute, I am one of the lucky people who actually love thier job!

Today we had gorgeous spring weather, blue sky and a warm breeze, so we decided to take the boys to St. Andrews for the day, to see the Aquarium and visit the beach, the boys had a great time and so did Vicki and I.

Kris with his new lion-cub pal.
In the Entry Tank:
Robbie & Kristofer watching the fish:
A Tiny Ray:
This gorgeous tiny breed of Ray waves (well I want to think he was, so he is lol!)
Dino Ride Fun:
gorgeous creatures:
Pretty or Ugly??? I can't decide?!?
Then some fun on the beach before we headed home:
They love the beach:
What a great day, back to work tomorrow, then a day with mum on Tuesday. Life is good!!!

Happy Days everyone, Jay xx

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