Sunday, 15 June 2008

Vicki!!! WOOP WOOP and a night with Katy!

My pal Vicki came for a visit this weekend and we have all sorts of fun, including a stroll down the beach, scrapping, cooking and chatting. Saturday night was a great laugh, we spent the night blogging and girlie giggling on speaker phone with my BF Katy. Brilliant night girls. WOOP WOOP!!!!!

I have had such a laugh this weekend. Here are 2 pictures I just took of Vicki in her Nightee, I think she may kill me as she has no idea I am putting these on here as she is still downstairs scrapping lol.

"OI!!! Not fair, I'm in my NIGHTEE!!!"
"GRRRRRR I said no Pictures I'm scrapping!"
Tee Hee! What a fab and funny weekend. xxx


Lori said...

LOL! Looks like the two of you had a fab weekend!Great photos of Vicki to scrap too!

Vicki said...

those photos are AWFUL!! lol, i wasn't ready!! hehe. brilliant weekend tho x