Friday, 20 June 2008


First, and top of my gratitude list is to whoever it was that RAK'D me the RUSTY PICKLE ticket, I can't express how grateful I am. This can't of come at a better time either, as I have a great deal of personal stress and a day of scrapping and having fun was just what I needed. Your generous gift will never be forgotten.

A close second on my list is my Pal Helen, who has been a real support and a total star, thank you so much for picking me up, keeping me sane, making me laugh and being a great pal.

Thanks to Bex for the planning of the whole event and the really nice chat we had, and how much you made me laugh. it really helped hun. xxx

Thanks to Lance for 2 great classes, for helping me and making me feel better when I was being a slow dumb ass and also for being so very generous.

So now I have finished what felt like an Oscar nomination speach PMSL here is how my day went.

Well it started off very strangely. I got to North Queensferry train station very early almost an hour and a half early, WHY OH WHY??????????? do trains and buses only run on time when you DON'T want them to. So I wandered just outside the station and sat and a concrete slab, there is no one in sight, no taxi rank and no staff, so I text Helen to tell her I am an idiot and just planned to sit and ponder life. Suddenly a police car with 4 policemen arrive, so I think maybe now I can ask someone how I could make my own way to the hotel. I ask one of the policemen where it is and he stands up straight to tell me and I see he has a HUGE rifle in his hands. OMG I thought, I only wanted directions. He was very sweet and told me it was too far to walk and there were no taxi ranks so it would be better to wait for my lift. So I sat quietly and watched what was going on, 3 more lots of armed police arrived and had arrested 2 sets of 2 men and were asking odd questions, I just kept my head down and my face out of range of anything that looked like a gun lol. It can't have been anything too bad or they would have asked me to move on or hide, so that begs the question, did they really need about 15 policemen at one point and arms ones at that. LOL.

So anyway before I knew it with all the excitement the time had flown by and Helen arrived to pick me up. I was so excited as this is the first Professional class I have ever attended. Helen's friend Vicki was in the back of the car, it was great to meet her, she is a total sweetie. So we arrived at the hotel and went up to the Room we were using and met lance and set up. I have to confess that when we first arrived it did have the feel of an exam room but I have also must confess having my own table made things very easy and I didn't constantly feel I had to worry about encroaching on another scrappers table area.

I will need a bit of retreat practice to really get the hang of these fast paced classes but it was soooooooooo much fun.

I don't yet have any pictures as I did not finish either project, the techniques were fab though and I will be sure to use them again on all different projects in the future. I am really looking forward to working on them very soon, Maybe at my crop on Saturday. The first class was an interactive book with a pop up section which is so brilliant and other interactive pages, which look fantastic and the second was a gorgeous book with round pages with insert pages, it will be easier to show you when I have finished the kits.
Here is Helen pleading with me to stop taking her picture lol, I had the happy snapper demon in me lol.
Here is Bex, deep in concentration, I really love this picture.

Here are some of the fab ladies, that I met, I will certainly not forget them in a hurry, they really made me laugh and I know for sure I will never forget Pam, who is the lady in the middle, who pulled a pair of surgical gloves out of her bag to use for painting and Lance asked me if I watched the show DEXTER about the serial killer, which I do and it made me want to wee I laughed so much.

Great atmosphere and 2 fab classes, I will take so much away from this day, I really loved it.

Lance in the throws of give aways. It was brilliant he was giving stuff away all day long, I got rub-ons, chipboard, a full kit and papers all for free. Rusty Pickle Rub-ons are to die for, they go on like butter.
The man himself, Lance Anderson, great teacher, funny guy and really nice and helpful. I would deffo. do more classes with him, and I do love my Rusty Pickle, A totally fab day. It freaks me out how much Lance looks like my younger brother lol.
Having giggles with Bex.

Bex appears to be doing her impression of a well known 1970/1980's wildlife TV presenter called David Bellamy LOL
This topped the day off, these 3 pictures where the views from the huge windows surrounding our class, it was really gorgeous.

Well done Bex and Lance, what a fantastic day. I am going to save a few pounds a week in a Lance pot so if he ever comes back to a town near me I will deffo book myself this time, to go again. Thanks again to my secret RAK'ER I had such a wonderful time.
I will post pics of my freebies when I get a chance and then of my mini books from the classes as and when I finish them.
Hope you are all well. XXXXX


dddeeebbbzzz said...

What a fantastic day! Looking forward to seeing the results of the classes.

elliemook said...

Wow, lucky you. SOunds like you had a fab time. Can't wait to see your creations x