Friday, 4 July 2008

VICKI'S 26th Birthday!

BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRING!!!! my alarm clock woke me up! ARGHHHHH! it's 6.30am. On Wednesday 2nd July and it's my gal pal Vicki's 26th Birthday. She wanted to go into Edinburgh for the day so thats what we did. Her friend Beckie and her daughter Abigail who is just 2, met us on the bus, I had never met her before so I was a bit nervous but all went fine and Abigail is such a sweetie.
Me and Vicki on the train to Edinburgh

Abigail and Beckie

Once we got to Edinburgh it was off to the Shops, first we hit the Disney store, I was on a mission today to come back with EJ's Birthday pressies. I wont say what they are in case Emma is reading the blog, she knows but he might see.

As you can see here, Vicki loves the Disney store, she actually wanted us both to buy these and wear them all day, I am up for a laugh but that was pushing it a bit even for me! ( I know, Booo Hiss! Spoil sport lol)
I found EJ's First birthday Pressie in here then it was off to Hamley's in Jenners Department store to check out the toys in there, Vicki was more than happy to pretend that we were just going for EJ but she loved it lol.
Of course we had to pop to the food hall and Grab some Jelly Belly beans, I loooooooove the juicy pear ones, (I know Diabetic Blah Blah! but a treat every now and then isn't gonna kill me.
After that we wandered in and out of a few more shops and then we went Pizza hut for lunch, which was really slow but Yummy. I have to say the YUMMIEST part was the guy on the table next to us, anyone who knows me will vouch for the fact that men are way down at the bottom of my list of wants in life but he was very very YUMMY!!!!!!
After Pizza hut we wandered through town some more in and out of shops, we went into Paperchase and they had a sale one, bad move, I got some fab baby boy stash VEEERRRRYYY CHEAP! I love good cheap stash.
After that we wandered back down to Princes street and said goodbye to Beckie and Abigail and Vicki and I got a bus to the hospital, Vicki is off to KENYA next week and we had to get her Anti malaria tablets, we had no idea where we were going so we had to stop and ask, "Where is the INFECTIOUS DISEASES unit" DOH!!! a tad embarrassing but funny lol.
After that we headed back to town, I popped into Zavvi to get EJ a DVD and then we headed for Princes street Gardens to sit, chat and chill. We ended up there for around 2.5hours, we talked and laughed so much, I was actually high on happiness, which is a rare thing for me these days. I would say the only thing missing from the day was our friend Katy, she has Agoraphobia and lives in Norfolk so it was not possible but it would have just put a cherry on a brilliant day.
Vicki and I in Princes Street Gardens

Eventually we thought we better make a move, so we headed off to the train station, grabbed a Burger King and took it on the train. as we went over the forth train bridge the sun was starting to set and I had to take a picture, it was gorgeous. it never looks quite as good in a photo but it's not bad.

So when we arrived back in Kirkcaldy we went to Vicki's for her pic up some stuff and drop off her shopping then it was off to my place, we were at the bus stop and Vicki was looking at the Knickers her friend had given her (as a gag gift I think lol) and she said, " can you imagine if I wore these over my jeans all the way home", well I said the wrong thing, I said "go on I dare ya!!!" and as you can see she did just that!!! I have to say I laughed all the way back, we got all sorts of looks and comments and she even got a wolf whistle lol.
MMMMM not so Sexy Vicki LOL
As you can see from this shot, we stopped at the park near my house as we had a sudden urge to be kids again and Vicki had the sudden urge to get stuck in the round about, she could not stop laughing long enough to get out but she did eventually, we played on a few more things and wandered back to mine.
Well all I can say is I hope Vicki enjoyed her Birthday as much as I did lol. I shall have to have more days like that, It really is true what people say. "LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE".


Sarah (UKS Smelly) said...

Sounds like a great day spent witha mad frind, lol

Vicki said...

oh my gosh that was hilarious - the whole day was fabby and thank you so much for coming with me!!!!! Check out the pics i've put on my blog :D

Jay said...

Sounds as though you had a fabulous day.
Love the picture of the pants. LOL

elliemook said...

Sounds like you had a fab time. Lucky you, I love shopping in Edinburgh x

Lori said...

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear! What are you two like?! Sounds like an excellent birthday day was had!

Beckie Dreyer said...

looks like you had fun!
Loving the new profile pic!!

jay670120 said...

looks like you had a great time xxxx made me smile x