Friday, 11 July 2008

Jelly Belly Beans, Starbucks and Stash.... What more could a girl want!!!

On Wednesday it was a cheer Vicki up day, we planned to go into edinburgh then up to Perth, Emma rang while we were on our way to Edinburgh and planned to meet us on the way up to Perth.

Vicki and I had a giggle on the way to Edinburgh then it was Jelly Belly madness in Jenners, once we had filled copious bags with Jelly beans, not all for us of course!!! I got Em and E some and Vicki got some for Katy as well, which we posted the next day and Katy has already eaten lol. We then went for a quick Starbucks, I do love the Skinny Latte they do. Then we headed back to the station, after a small amount of confusion with the train we headed off to meet E & Em at Kirkcaldy. WOW E has grown up so much in the short time since I saw him last, such a little stunner and so good too.

On the train, we had such a giggle with E. Then when we got to Perth we went to have a quick look at the craft shop and then round to a lovely old fashioned toy shop so E could spend his money and then to the HONEY POT ( a fab Child friendly place) for our lunch.
E & Me
Vicki and Me

After Lunch we went back to the craft shop STAMPAHOLICS, run by a lovely lady who was so helpful and even let E draw and play in the fab craft room at the back of the shop, she went out of her way to help us which was lovely. I only spent £12, anyone who knows me, knows that, that is a MIRACLE in itself. Vicki however had a fab spending spree, which was great to watch, as it was her first ever Major stash shopping binge and she had the new stash glow afterwards. LOL.
Em & E

Last stop was the Park for half an hour, E had a run around and we had a chat and then it was back to the train and off for home. I had a really great day, very chilled and I actually found that I can enjoy shopping and not have to spend a fortune, Yes it is me lol!!!! No I have not had a bang on the head LOL.
Thanks girls fab day!

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elliemook said...

Sounds like you had a great day. Well done for only spending £12, I end up spending more than that even when I only want a roll of tape! x