Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Gorgeous Boys and Sunrise.....

I had a great Weekend, lots of fun was had at Steve and Emma's with them and Ben and Jake.

Nana B and Jake

Auntie Jay with Ben

Yummy! Daddy Steve is Feeding us.
On Friday I saw my First real sunrise EVER! from nothing, It was fantastic, it was like watching a live lava lamp. These are my Fav. Pictures ( I have around 150 lol) Vicki and I got up at 6am, ( I didn't even know that time was real LOL). We went down to the sea front, across some waste ground round the corner from my house and this is what we saw.

What a Great weekend. Hope your all well. Jay xx


EWhyley said...

OMG! I can't believe how big they are .... so cute! Hope you enjoyed 'aunty time'... I certainly love mine, lol!

dawnmarieg said...

Beautiful babies and gorgeous pics. DawnM.x

Helena said...

Beautiful photo's. came here from The Crafty Goat Girl.
Oh my, 15 cats- heaven!!!!

lol- your word verification thingy says RATTERS -LOL!