Monday, 8 June 2009

Big Brother; Cyber Cropping; Nephews, Starbucks, Subways, and Lisa Laughing lots....

Ok so I had a fab, really crafty week with Scrap That and thier fabby Cyber Crop, I got quite a bit done, it was great fun. Here are a few of the Challenges I did.
This Layout was for Michelles Recipe Layout, I really loved working with a recipe, what a great way to inspire a layout without a sketch.
I really loved using the glass slide over my brief journaling.
This was my version of the make and take treat bag, Vic and I are thinking of converting this concept for wedding favours.
So thursday has arrived and Silence hits the house until we hear Davina's voice launching this years BB. I actually really enjoyed it and I think thier may well be some worth watching Characters this year.

Here is a Random picture of cherries, Mum had been on a fruit buying spree and I do love my Cherries so I just had to take a picture, ideal for all this gorgeous Cherry paper that is coming out, I am in love with the new Cherry themed Websters pages paper.
Speaking of being in love, one of the challenges on scrap that! was to do a set of 5 ATC's, these are my first, I sort of did 10 address ones a few years ago but basically this is my first proper set, called Summer Lovin..........
........ However I REALLY enjoyed doing them, so I just decided to keep making them, I am totally addicted, lol. The pictures are not great but I love this set, I called it Sarcasm.
This set only has 4 in it as I have already swapped 1 lol. but that was so fun to do, I cut up an old tape measure for it.
This layout was for Jill's no patterned paper challenge. Fabby fun.
I love this picture and so wanted to find something to use that Prima felt Voila on.
So onto Friday. Vicki and I headed off to Glasgow, to spend the day shopping with Emma and the twins, we met My Bro a couple of time too, which was great. We shopped til we dropped, clothes, toilettries, novelties etc, great fun, it was fab to spend time with Emma and Vic and Emma get on really well which I love.
Here is our Mandatory US shot for the day.
Here is Jake in his Cheeky Monkey hat.
And Ben in his.
We had the Also Mandatory Starbucks! I had a caramel Latte YUM YUM!!!

They are Teething so Ben is really enjoy his Keys lol.
Jake seems to want to see how many keys he can get into his mouth at 1 time lol.
We had a fab day and I was sad to say goodbye, I do wish I lived nearer.

Mum had been out with friends in Edinburgh so we decided to play a prank on mum on the way home. I am 36, I need to remind you this because my mum bless her!!!!!!!! still likes to tell me what to do or should I say try's to these days, don't get me wrong, I am sure she thinks it is for my own good but SERIOUSLY!!! lol. 1 of my mums pet hates is the thought of me with piercings, I have tattoos but piercings she does not like and her real knightmare would be me with a lip ring, so Vic bought 2 fake ones, we put them on and texted mum pictures of them. We met mum off the train and you could see that she looked like she was going to burst, trying not to saying anything.
After a few minutes I took it out and she shouted at me for being so cruel, then sighed in relief but I was to busy laughing. Poor mum!!
The next Day we set off to spend some time with Vics sister Lisa, then baby sit our nephews Oscar and Jamie. Oscar is such a darling baby. Jamie is a typical 9 year old lol.
Me with little Oscar. He loves camera's.
Brotherly love.
Lisa has gorgeous tame squirrels living in her garden, as you can see they pop up to the windows and say hi.
I took this second one from the trampoline in the garden, they are so tame that they come even when your out in the garden.
Mr. Squirrel. I love this picture.

This is 1 of about 300 pictures of Jamie on the trampoline, I put the camera on sport mode and away we went, I took them from indoors so I was quite pleased how they came out.
This however is Jamie and I wrestling, he likes that Aunty Jay knows about American wrestling (nice one Bro! lol)
During Sunday Morning Lisa friend and 3 of is Children came round.
After they had gone home we all went to subways for lunch (Thanks Lisa xxx)

Then we made our way home, what a fab time I had this weekend, great fun and great company.
Jay xxx


Maggi said...

I am so in love with those Sarcasm ATCs! You did a great job at the crop! I love all the baby pictures, so cute!!!

Lucy Edson said...

Beautiful layouts and ATCs - I love the embellishing on the 24 hour one!

btw- sure you can lift my layout! I would be flattered. I did start it with the June BAP sketch from Prima but it didnt' really end up looking much like it. ;) Let me know how it turns out!

Jocelyn said...

So glad to see you stop by my Blog and even happier that I found YOU!!! Love the LO's just stunning and the ATC' cute!!! I cracked up with the story of you Mum and the ring in your lip!!! Mine would have had a heart attack!!!!! What darling little one's in your family!!!!! Let's keep in touch and have a great day! :)

Alison said...

Gorgeous kitten LOs, and I really like the 'Summer lovin' ATCs.
Your nephews are very cute. And the faux pierced lip story was great!

MyLittleTeapot said...

Wow what a long post LOL!

The boys are so adorable especially Jake! What a cutie and the story about the piercing is really funny!!!!

Btw, totally love the LOs that you did for ScrapThat's CC!!!! It was nice playing with talented ladies like yoyu!


Julie said...

Just adore your projects here.
Thanks for popping by my blog.