Sunday, 5 July 2009

Safari, Giraffes, Birthdays and Cards

Ok so on the craft front, I have been attacking Christmas in July, I am always so busy on the run up to Xmas, as is everyone lol but I always make my cards at the last minute and with so many to make it takes up so much time, so for the first time ever I intend to have all my cards made by the end of July lol.

Here is the first one I made, I wont bore you with them all lol. This was made with My Minds Eye paper and the Merry Christmas circles around the edge were cut from a Papermania transparency. I cut another sleigh and 3d foamed it on then painted a thin layer of stickles over it and finished it with American crafts, Chaplain Rub-on letters.

So it is 4AM! URGH! and we are Off on SAFARI! well over to Blair Drummond Safari Park anyway lol

On Thursday 1st July, the day before Vic's Birthday, we headed off to the Safari Park. Mum and I had bought Vic a Giraffe Experience for her Birthday, she was so excited, mainly due to the fact that although Giraffe's are her Fav. animal, she had never actually seen a real one before.

Here they are, Wallace and Zoe in all there glory. Gorgeous Characters they were too.
I left Vicki to enjoy her experience for the morning, I wondered around taking a few pictures and got a drink and sat by the river with a gorgeous view as you can see in the picture below.
Vicki seemed to have had a wonderful experience and wants to do it all over again another time! (I think I just heard my wallet scream lol).

Then it was time to tour the park, normally as non drivers we would have to get on the minibus to go around but the lovely keeper took us on a private tour in his 4x4, deffo one of the highlights of the day for me.

Another was Meerkats, they are such fun and sooooo cute. When I saw them I started singing "Hakuna Matata"
The Elephants were a sight to behold.
Here is Vicki with her new friend Mr. Llama, lol.
Here was a Major happy time for me, the Lions, I love big cats.
Now that is one HUGE cat scratching post!!!
What stunning animals.
After our 4x4 adventure we went to the Sea lion show which was fabby fun.
After this, Vicki had to go on the Slide lol.

The Penguins are so cute too. I just love all animals I think. LOL
This cute little Lemurs kept making me want to sing "I like to move it, move it!"

So then Vicki decided she wanted to Flying fox. So off she flew across the lake lol. I stayed happily on the ground.

After that we made our way home, we had seen lots of other gorgeous animals but if I showed you all the pictures, this would be the biggest post ever lol.

The following day was Vic's actual Birthday, she loved all her Pressies and cake and we spent the morning at the beach, which was lovely.

I was supposed to have gone away with Vic this weekend but I was ill, she had a great time with her family anyway, so that made me happy even though I couldn't be there.

That's all from me right now. Happy Creating. Jay xx


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I saw Vic's post too and it looks like it was A FAB FAB FAB day!!! LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE the photos! :):):):):):):):):):):)

Jocelyn said...

Love all the pics and it looks like you had such fun!!!!! I did not get the email....when did you send it!!!! Lets try!!!! Have a great one sweet friend...Ps...I would have stayed on the ground tooooo!!! :)

Lori said...

My you're keen- Christmas cards in July?! Think I'll be doing the usual of starting them around around...ooooh....the middle of December!
Gorgeous pics of the day and I'm so glad you two had a fab time!

Lorry said...

I found your blog through Jocelyn's blog!! Wow I love it, the Giraffes are my fav's also.. Do tell what is a "Giraffe Experience" sounds like I need one. Awesome photographs! Stop by my bog if you like Hope to see you there!