Monday, 5 April 2010

Easter fun and Day 2 & 3 of my favourite Things!

What a wonderful Easter we had, the boys sat down to a yummy roast with us at lunch time, then in the afternoon, we prepared the garden and snuck in surprise guests, Sharon (mummy) and Chris along with Auntie Clair and cousin Daniel, we took the boys out to the garden where we had set up an Easter egg hunt, the kids loved it, they had great fun.

Robbie finding an egg on the cartwheel bench

Auntie Clair taking pictures

Cousin Daniel find and Egg hunt egg

Egg hunt eggs
Here is one on Windy Miller

and Kristofer finding the egg on Windy Miller.

What a lovely Easter day we had, thanks to all who came and made it a special day for the boys.

OK so I missed yesterday but I have day's 2 & 3 for you today

Day 2 is fav. Movie, I have so, so many but finally decided that my fav. Movie of all time, took the world by storm on it's release and was light years ahead of it's time:


and still so watchable now, some movies become dated but I can always watch Starwars and all the other movies in the series.

Next is Day 3

My fav. Television Programme

Well for this one I had 2 and could not decide between them, I finally decided to give the title to GLEE!!! brilliant acting, outstanding singing, stunning writing, hilarious comedy and painful honesty, Genius!!!!

However I will also have to pay homage to the timeless comedy that is FRIENDS!!!

The unbelievable and timeless writing and acting involved in the 1o seasons of this outstanding comedy will live on forever but the reason I chose Glee is that I see this having the same potential if the writers find places to take the show and the music is awesome.

There are so many brilliant shows and I don't just love comedy, I do like a good medical drama and murder, Grey Anatomy and Dexter are up there in my top 10, I have to confess that I relate far more to American humour and drama that the UK produced shows, I am not sure why but I do.


Julia Dunnit said...

Oh I love an easter egg hunt - you are experiencing the 'if the kids are happy, I'm happy' moments! Glad Easter worked out so well for you all.
I can't name a single favourite anything, it'll take the rest of my life to choose and then oh no! it might change!!

Jocelyn said...

What beautiful eggs!!!! How much fun is an Easter Egg Hunt!!!

Wishing you a great day sweet friend!!