Saturday, 6 September 2008

The day before my Birthday!

What a great day! Mum treated us to gorgeous meal in Frankie and Benny's over near my Brothers so I could spend the day with Steve, Emma and the boys as well as Mum and Vicki.

I was in a strange child like mood in the morning, I think it was Euphoria after Smudgie's late night return, last night. Although it could just be turning 36 LOL poor mum did not have a great Journey with Vicki and I Looning around, Awwwww never mind mum, we still love you. XXXX

We met Emma, Steve and the boys on the train and we all made our way to the Restaurant. I finally have pictures of me holding the boys.

Me and Ben

Me and Jake

I got lots and lots of yummy gifts today. I shall take a picture tomorrow as I still have some to open. I did get a picture taken with my Auntie, Me to You Bear, which did make me teary.

And I had to blog this, Emma and Steve Drew around Ben and Jakes hands in my card, again more tears, so, so, so happy, bless Steve and Emma have been so thoughtful.
Soooo cute!!!

So after the meal I popped in to au naturale, I saw they had fairy wings and Vicki is a huge Fairy fan and always said she wanted some, so just for fun I bought her some and needless to say she put them straight on. It was pretty funny and they seemed to strangely suit her LOL.

What a fabby day, I really had fun and enjoyed the food as well. Thanks to all and I shall post a pic of my pressies tommorow. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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