Friday, 3 October 2008


People who know me well, will know that TV is not often top of my agenda. However recently there have been some seriously good things to watch. Samatha Who? with the very funny Christina Applegate, is shaping up to be great fun but I am interested to see how far they can take it.
I never got into Sex in the City but watching this show makes me think maybe I should have, Love it, Love it, Love it!!
The Big Daddy of all the TV I am watching right now is Heroes series 3 VILLAINS!!! With the writers strike season 2 was a little less than I hoped for but brilliant all the same, series 3, based on the first 2 episodes, is shaping up to be OUTSTANDING! I want to see more NOW!!!!!
I am also watching Katy and Peter the next chapter, which I love and I have managed to catch up with season 2 of DEXTER. Bloody FANTASTIC!!! Roll on series 3.

68 days Free of smoke and still going strong.

Bye for now xxxxxxxxxxx


mandijane said...

Heroes fan here....just about to sit down to watch this week has been so busy I've not had a chance yet

* Sarah * said...

I can't believe the stuff you watch but didn't ever watch SATC!!!!

Kerry said...

Congratulations on your smoke free days.

Lori said...

Never mind the blinkin telly programs! Have you finished Twilight yet?!
Things for you on my blog!