Sunday, 26 April 2009

All sorts of catching up!!! BEWARE Very long post!! HUGE I TELL YOU!! LOL

Ok so this is a VERY LONG catch up post! So if you get bored I would understand if you just shut it and left lol.

TUESDAY 28th April

OK so today I am SICK and it sucks, I have slept all day and now I am blogging just so I am doing something sitting up for a while. SNIFF SNORT COUGH!!! *Sigh* I woke with swollen glands and I am all blocked and feel really weak! This is not fun. I am going to try to get this blog entry finish or it will be back in the drafts, as it has been all week with pictures being added all the time lol.

Sunday 26th April

So this fine Sunday morning Vic and I got up, looked out of the window and I said, why don't we go out, it's a gorgeous day. So we did just that, we jump on a bus into our nearest little town and decided to go up the east Neuk of fife. First stop:

a gorgeous little place with a stunning beach and great views.

I want to scrap this picture of Vic's footprint along with the poem FOOTPRINTS, which I love and has sentimental history to me.
before we continued up the Neuk, we drop in for a Latte at this gorgeous little Cafe/shop, great Latte, considering I am a Starbucks girl, through and through. Vic also discovered Courgette cake, which she now adores, so I am sure we shall pop back over the summer. They also do some gorgeous gifts and kitchen bits.
Next stop Crail:
Another stunning little place, we strolled along castle walk and took some pictures of Seagulls and a pair of mating butterflies and as Vic had never been before we noted places we wanted to come back and look at in more detail, including the harbour cafe and museum and the pottery.
I can't believe I actual caught the flitting butterflies, I just flung the camera around and snapped lol.
Final stop, St. Andrews:
Vic and I both love St. Andrews, so we walked and walked, taking it all in and banging the world and the future to rights. I am sure we will be back here several times this summer.
This little chap is BOB the seagull. Vic named him because he is the first one she has ever liked. Vic has always had a phobia of seagulls but BOB helped her to take the first step to over coming that, with his enigmatic personality.
When we got home Vic as in the mood to bake !!! YIPPEEE!!!

Savoury Muffins!!! OMG! Vic made me some Savoury Muffins tonight, Cheese and onion, WOW they were amazing. She is a fantastic cupcake maker but she knows I can't eat many sugary things so this is what she came up with, our friend Jane had made some similar for one of our crops and that was a great inspiration I'm sure.YUM YUM YUM!!

Saturday 25th April
Another fab crop, the only downside was my total lack of Mojo, I only did 1 layout and hated it so much that I am not even gonna blog it. I hope my mojo comes back soon it has been gone for so long!!

I also had to suffer the torment of Helen and Peggie having the new BG LIME RICKEY! SNIFF! HOWL!!!! I really want it but for the first time ever I am sticking to my stash ban! It hurts like hell but I have more important things to deal with!!! OMG did I just say that!
When we got home from the crop, mum thrust a magazine into my hand shouting, it came, it came. I was our copy of SI magazine, nope we don't usually jump at it but our friend Katy has been published for the first time, with this gorgeous layout.And it made it to the front cover too!! You go girl, I am so proud of you.
17th, 18th & 19th AprilSo if those 2 cute little faces didn't tell you, I spent the weekend at my brothers, the boys change so much in a short space of time, I wish I lived nearer.
After helping weeding on Saturday morning, Vic and I took Ben and Jake to the park, it was a gorgeous afternoon and my first time taking them out without mum and dad.

Ben and Jake love story time, if they had a choice I think all the time would be reading time lol.
Thursday 16th April
The Links Market came to town.

So normally I am not a funfair fan and to be honest it turns out that nothing has changed really lol.
Vic went on the trad. Merry-go-round.
We both went on the Ghost train and Vic screamed all the way round lol, it was rubbish but Vic seemed to actually be scared, I really have no idea why after what she went on next!
Yep she did the reverse bungee. No-one wanted to go on it so she actually paid a member of staff to do it with her. What she didn't know was we could hear her, it was so so funny.
ARGHHGHGHGHGHGHG!!!! I think I was more frightened than she was and my feet never touched the floor lol.
14th & 15th April
So Vic has moved in HURRAH! and we spent a couple of days decorating our room chocolate and cream.
Wow that was 1 heck of a post, if you actually made it to the end I salute you.
Thanks for reading and I will be a better blogger in future.
I am off back to bed to nurse my flu as I am feeling crappier by the minute.
Jay xxx


Lori said...

Wow, mammoth post indeed! Those savory cupcakes look yum, and looks like you had a fab time with all your travels!

Cat said...

Wow, you've been busy! Love all the great pictures. Hope you feel better soon.