Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Baking day with Em and E

What a lovely day, I went round to see my friend Emma and her son E, who I have not spent time with for a long time. I had a really great time, so nice to really catch up and so much fun being thrown around and fight playing (with E of course, not Emma lol). It was Emma and E's baking day, if E is anything like his mum he will be a great cook and todays yummy treat was Star cookies with a hint of orange, drizzled in melted dark chocolate, OMG! I was in heaven. Soooo yummy and it was so sweet when they came out of the oven and Emma and E high fived. I have to confess I took some pictures (not of Emma, she made me promise as she was feeling ill, lol) I got a picture at each stage of baking but forgot about the finished item as I was too busy stuffing my face with it lol!

So the final picture is the oh so cute E, totally loving the chocolatey star shaped treats that he and mummy Emma made.

A big thank you to Emma and E for having me. I am feeling very inspired after a bit of chat with Emma and Katy today about Scrapping and Rusty Pickle, so I am off to scrap up a storm.

Have a great night.

Jay xx


Julia Dunnit said...

Aw lovely picture, what a nice day!

EWhyley said...

You can still see me in the background, lol!! Glad you had fun! xx

jacque4u2c said...

Looks like you all had a "star" of a time! Good Memories!

Ruthy said...

definitely looks like you all had a fab day and the cookies sound yummy.