Wednesday, 13 January 2010

YAY! What a day! and I feel yukky!!!

Ok so the day started to early for me, I usually get up for work at 5am, so on my day off I like to stay in bed until at least 8am lol but the hospital kindly gave Vic an 8.10am MRI scan appointment YUK!

After that we went to Edinburgh for a good fun shopping trip. First stop Cath Kidston, what a fab time we had there.

A gorgeous shop, with gorgeous things, I got my bowls and some other little bits and Vic got her Apron and some bits too, we wanted half the shop.

There are even pet beds!!

And check out that gorgeous red spotty buggy.
We had lunch at Pizza hut, 1 last Hurrah before the diet starts tomorrow, hmmm bummer that we just discovered the best dam dessert I have ever tasted, the share Hot Cookie dough dessert is melt in the mouth, I recommend it to everyone who is not on a diet lol.We did lots more shopping, oooo I bought a Radley tote, its yummy! then our friend Becky rang and ask us to go and see her as she is going through a bad time right now, she lost her sister over Christmas.
We talked and played with her daughter Abigail, I have never seen the game, My first Operation, such a fun introduction game lol, I am a fan. We headed off home at around 9pm.

By the time we got home, I felt awful, I had not even fully recovered from having a dreadful cold/flue for the 3 weeks of Christmas and NY. However apparently I was due a deep chest infection bordering on Bronchitis. I feel dreadful! I am still working as I can't afford not to but I feel like curling up and not getting up for weeks, although I am not sure that would help either.

I do hope you are well out in blog-land. Back soon. Jay xx


Julia Dunnit said...

Oh sweetie you must see a Dr..some really big old horse size pills and some sign off prob, but you won't be able to go on, even feeling crappy, if you don't.
Ck shops are a danger!

Jocelyn said...

Love all the great pics...that store looks awesome!!!!

Please take care of yourself....brochitis can go into pneumonia so quickly!!!

I too have the most dreadful head cold...YUCKY

Feel Better soon!!!