Sunday, 10 January 2010

WE WILL ROCK YOU!!! Oh yes they did!!!

What a day yesterday, so wonderful to see our little Oscar looking so much better, he is such a cutie.Then it was off to Snowy Edinburgh..........

..... to see what is now my fav. ever musical... WE WILL ROCK YOU! What a brilliant show, so so so good, well written, funny and spectacular.
The cast was amazing and Killer queen was played by Brenda Edwards Semi finalist on x-factor, who was phenomenal, I have always wanted to see her live, that role could have been written for her, she was AMAZING!!!! I was never a fan of Darren Day but he was also brilliant in it, as were the rest of the cast, voice on the girl who played Scaramouch was outstanding, such a brilliant show. I am still working on my latest lo here is a tiny sneak with not much on it lol but I have to say I am finally learning to use Co-ordinations card stock, the chocolate box and white wash are my fav's, brilliant fun.

Happy Crafting, back soon. Jay xx

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Jocelyn said...

What great pics and I loved the sneak!!!

Wishing you a great week!!! :-)