Thursday, 29 May 2008

NOOOOOOOO!!! Moonlight cancelled!!!! *SOB*

I have been religiously following the Vampire detective show all season on Living TV, to now read that CBS in America have cancelled the show so there will be no more episodes! Arghghghghghghgh!

I admit that part of the reason I watch it is the extremley YUMMY! Alex O'loughlin but it is a good show and the further in to the series you get the better it gets! I am totally gutted they are taking it off.

Goodbye Moolight! GRRRRRRRRR to CBS


Rhomany said...

I thought it was utter tosh myself, but apparently there are others who agree with you...

Anonymous said...

Actually, there is an enormous fan effort going on to bring the show back.

You can find more information on this worldwide effort (and I'm not exaggerating) at and

You can also call me anytime at 562-256-0910

In vampire solidarity,