Sunday, 25 May 2008

Mini book fun

I got some of my minibooks out of the cabinet this week and thought I would put up pictures of these 2. This one is an accordian book of tiny pictures of my Dad and some have my Granny in as well, I used a more vintage style than my usual as I felt it worked with the photo's.
I really love the 7 gypsies gaffer tape, it is great to use and really suits the vintage feel.

I love these pictures because it was an innocence I had never seen in my dad. I guess I never thought of him as ever being a child.
Most of the bits I used one this book are 7 gypsies, I really loved the baby postcard. I gives a great effect.

These pages represented his love of music even from an early age.

This is the end of my wee book. I really love it, so I though even though I did it a while back I thought it deserved a place on my blog.
The book below is an Acetate book of my cats, Inspired by Rebeccas Scrapbooking Stash and Sarah's Cards Ltd class for the UKS 5th Birthday cyber crop. I had great fun doing it and found it a challenge to look good all the way through but it seemed to come out ok in the end.

Thanks for looking xx


Vicki said...

wow jay, both of those mini books are fabby!! You should teach the acetate mini book class at the crop - i would love to see that irl too!!!xx

dddeeebbbzzz said...

Love the bok of your dad. You are right - the vintage style does go well with the photos. Would like to see more of the cat book to see how it looks from the inside!