Friday, 30 May 2008

Magnolia Stamps

I got 7 new ones this morning, yep, I know Stash ban, but Mum actually paid so I am off the hook again. They are so cute. I have to say I have not yet worked out if I can use them on a layout, I am determined to find a way through. Tee Hee.

Just thought I would mention this as it made me smile. I was Smacked on the UKSS smack blog last night for being Fat, liking Momiji dolls, having cats and liking Magnolia stamps. Well if that's the worst things that are said about me then I guess I can't be that bad. LOL


Hils said...

OH MY GOD! I can't believe you were smacked! Some people must be really perfect!

weehaggis said...

I saw that and was so impressed - my god darling you are famous now :)

I was going to post up in your defence saying that I would imagine crocs were the last thing you'd wear - but figured you would do it so much better!!

Vicki said...

omg i can't believe they smacked you!!! heehee guess we're in the same league now (heehee)... ah well what can you do. I want picks of these stamps :D

Lori said...

Aw Jay- that smack was totally uncalled for but you did good smacking them back! They were probably gerbil lovers! ;p

Marieke said...

Your layout from your previous post is AWESOME!!!