Tuesday, 27 May 2008

5 things that make me HAPPY!!!

I have been challenged by Vicki to look around me and list 5 things that make me feel Happy, so here goes.

1) My 15 gorgeous Fur babies, I love my cats so much and even when I am down all it takes to make me feel warm and loved is 1 of them to jump on my lap and purr. (I know, get the sick bag!) but it is true.

2) My stash, Both my mum and I share a house and are both scrappers so we have a large stash mountain and if it wasn't for the fact I would rouine it, then I would regularly roll in it.

3) My computer, I don't drive and I live in a tiny town, so it gives me easy access to friends and family and it's fun aswell.

4) My bed with fresh clean linen on it, there is nothing like the feeling of getting out of the shower and jumping in to a freshly made bed. Yummy.

5) A picture of me and my younger brother, we had out moments when we were younger but we are really close now and as he lives about ad hour and a half away I dont see him all that often, so the picture keeps us close.

So there you go, 5 things that make me happy.

It's was actually nice to sit here and think about happy things for a change, thanks Vicki, Great Challenge.


Vicki said...

ooh am so glad you enjoyed doing the challenge :) i enjoyed doing it from my end too.... am defo going to print the photos and scrap them.

thank you for my lovely present.... it does go well with my blog colours!!!

Inspiration Alley said...

Think my list of 5 things would be pretty similar. That's a lot of cats you have. My stepson would love to have that many.