Friday, 26 December 2008

What a fantastic time I have had!

I spent most of November getting into my job, I had a great time. I also managed to fit in a visit from Lori but I spent alot of the time working (sorry hun!) Then the festive season really kicked it with our Christmas scrap booking crop, on saturday 29th November, what a brilliant day we had and Jayne and Lori stayed the night before the crop. I will talk more about that on my scrapping and crop blogs.

Then December hit, I had so much fun, starting on the first of December when My BF Vicki and I put up our little advent tree's we had done for each other, they had a present for each day of advent on them, such a fab thing to do. Mine was the white tree.


Most of my time was taken up by work but I managed to spend some time with Vicki and on my first day off in december vicki and I chilled out for a much needed day of rest and watched Christmas Movies.

My Second Day off we went to Edinburgh and Glasgow for our Christmas shopping, what fun, in the morning we went to get a present in Edinburgh, we then went to Glasgow for a days shopping , we met my brother for his lunch and then more shopping and then at around 6pm we headed back to Edinburgh and went to the German market, it was my first time, it really had the feeling of Christmas, I had a fantastic day. Here are some pictures of our day.


VICKI and ME!!

VICKI as Dr WHO....?

Brilliant Buskers

US again.

The next pictures are of the German Market in Edinburgh, I have to say I will go every year now, just to feel the christmas spirit, if nothing else.

I have to sort out my Christmas photo's but I shall blog them tomorrow, I have had a great time and hope your are all having a great festive seasons.
Jay xx

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The Crafty Goat Girl said...

Hello, long time no blog. Glad to have you back! I am glad you had a good time in the markets in Germany. I have always wanted to go, will get round to it maybe next year. Have a super hogmannay (spelling)! Heidi xxx