Tuesday, 17 February 2009

So Nervous!!!!!!!!

So after a month I am going back to the hospital to have my surgery, first general anesthetic I have ever had and I am really terrified, I guess if you have had one then I must seem like I am being over dramatic but I am just so nervous!

Ok so with no money goes window shopping and I came to the conclusion that I have so much stash for scrapping, that I should stop staring at it, so I started to look at fun stuff and I soooooo want all these Hello Kitty Kitchen bits.

I am also in love with these bizzare and maybe a little Ugly in an oh so cute way! Funky Face banks.

Anyway, enough waffle, I am off to keep myself busy by tidying and cleaning.

I will blog when I am back, I go in tomorrow morning and will either come out tomorrow night or the following day. I will blog again as soon as I can sit up, which I hope wont be long.

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elliemook said...

Best of luck with the surgery, I was so nervous too when I had general anasthetic for first time just before christmas. Wishing you a speedy recovery. I wish you hadn't posted that sandwich toaster pic though cos now I want one! x