Thursday, 12 February 2009


So I set my alarm super early as I have a 9am Vet appointment with Sid, he has been poorly and we were no expecting good news. (PHEW!!! no worries he just has a minor infection, thank goodness.) so I open my eyes and this is what I see:

SNOW SNOW SNOW!!! Vicki is so excited she is already getting up (which is a miracle in it's self lol) and wants brekkie, so she can go out and make a snow Angel! Oh yes she did lol and here is the proof ROTFPMSL:

So the only other thing Vicki was desperate to do was to make a proper full size snowman because she has never made one before, mum told her the best ways to start a snowball anjd she was off, she did the lower and upper body and I did the head and boobs! Yep thats right she is a SNOW WOMAN! and here she is in her stages of creation.

So here she is Coco the Snow woman, I have to confess I was NOT excited at the prospect of making a snow person but I did actually enjoy it loads and loads.

I had a great day, the only downside of today was the the vets receptionist asking if Vicki was my Daughter!!! I am 36 and she is 26 so around half and hour I wanted to top myself lol but I am ok with it now, I don't think Vicki will let me forget it for a long time though, do you???

Hope your all having a great day. Jay xx

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