Sunday, 22 February 2009

I got up yesterday morning I felt like I was suffering cabin fever, so Vicki and I decided to go out for the day, we headed off to Ravencraig park. I love that place in the winter, I love it all year round but there is just something about it in the winter.

I do love Sepia Photo's lol

I have never ventured all the way along Ravencraig but today we decided to just keep walking and we found allsorts of gorgeous sites along the way, a stunning beach....

A tunnel in a rock face, which leads to.... A gorgeous harbour........

.... and the scariest looking wall I have ever seen, lol.
Then we found the Harbour masters house and went in as it had a cafe and museum, such a cute place, I want to bring my mum here.
I have to confess, Vicki's confusion about the Water for "hotdogs" LOL you can guess what she thought PMSL!!

Hmmmm! My feelings about modern art on the beach! Well if it was good and looked like lots was put into it then ok! However when it looks like planks of wood with a coat of Dulux, I have to wonder how much it cost and what on earth is the point.

The last Beach view for me is this stunning broken Rock, which mum pointed out, looks like a Dragon, so I will always call it Dragon Rock now.

I had a great day and I am so glad we went.

Thanks for popping by. have a great day. Jay xx

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dawnmarieg said...

Glad you had a lovely day. Your photo's are great, wish I lived near a beach, I've just got road tut!