Wednesday, 28 January 2009

A Bad Day comes good!

So this morning was my Operation! OR SO I THOUGHT!!!!! I arrived at the hospital at 8am, having been told I would be first on the list, to be told they are full of over flow patients! GRRRRR and that I had to wait until 9am so they could speak with the chief executive. at 9.30!!!! they called me in to tell me that I could not have my surgery, as due to the complications with my diabetes they could not do mine now and that I would have to wait for another appointment!!! It took so much for me to pluck up the courage to go and now I have to go through it all again ARGHGHGHGHGH!!!!!
After all that I had brekkie and Vicki and I went for a walk in the woods to take photo's and that cheered me up no end. Here are two of the pics I took.



I am doing a night college course in digital photography and we had to snap some shots for analysis this week.

Hope you have a great day.

Jay xx


Lori said...

Aw hun- I know how much you were stressing about this and then they do that to you- arses!

danemi1 said...

hey hun - have emailed you on yr email link but it just bounces back - have got something for you on my blog

elaine x

Kit said...

love the bike in the water...hat one really tells a story. Or makes me think what the story could be!

Tracey said...

Just caught up with this news hun, what a pain I thought you would have it all over and done with by now. Hope everything goes smoothly on the 18th and try not to worry and get stressed about it.
See you at the crop

Tracey xx