Saturday, 17 January 2009

Great day!!!

Vicki and my Bro are buying me STASH!!!!! I am so excited, lots of stash to cheer me up before my operation, I will post pictures when it arrives, I am beyond excited! as I can't do any stash shopping this year, I can only have it at Valentines, Easter, My Birthday and XMAS unless it is bought for me, so YIPPPPPEEEEEE!!! Although I would trade the stash if I did not have to have the OP but Hey!!! Stash is good lol.

2 of the items I know I am getting are the New Basic Grey ( Yes as I have said a FEW!!!! LOL times before I am a BG addict!!) BITTERSWEET Collection pack and butttons and the rest is apparently a surprise lol, if it is stash, I can wait.
Today we went to the beach because my college homework is to snap lots of photo's to analys and edit at my next class on Tuesday. Well I learned my first major lesson, when playing with new settings DON'T FORGET to change them back! I took all my pictures on high res. they look awful but here are 2 anyway.

I thought this tree branch was stunning, (even if the picture is awful lol)
And the happy rock, yes I know in theory it is vandalism but it really bought a smile to my face, I will enjoy scrapping this one.

That's all from me for now, I am off to sort out some more layouts for the crop. I shall hopefully be blogging lots of layouts next Saturday.
Jay xx


lindschick said...

Ooh stash how exciting.

Great photos. The log is fab and te smiley face is so cute.

my5bratz said...

i think the water pic is great, maybe you could crop it so there's less sand and see if that balances it a bit

have fun with your stash!

Sarah said...

Great photo's, smiley stone is soo cute.
Hope your new stash comes through soon and good luck with the op
Take care

Pam said...

Thanks for visiting my blog-I love your 2009 LO-why not link it to the challenge at the Creative type?

Alix said...

lol i love a bit of *happy vandalism* myself...that!! lol

Kerry said...

The branch picture is not awful. You should be proud of it.

Lucky girl having stash bought for you.