Saturday, 17 January 2009

Why wont the ground open up and .........

...........swallow me!!!!!

I have to say, I am really lucky, in the fact that I have a really easy going mum and I can talk about anything with her, I always have been HOWEVER, there are some things that you just don't want to do!

So I was out with Vicki, doing a bit of Veggie shopping for mum and I dropped in to a card shop to see what sale bits they had, anyway, Mum is on a FAT Free Diet but is really missing sweet stuff, so I saw they had cute tins of boiled sweets with no fat, she could suck 1 a day and that might help her not miss sweet stuff so much, so I glance again and it is only 99p in the sale so I grab 2 and go home, I give them to mum and disappear up stairs to the computer.

A few minutes later Mum calls up and says, I know you were trying to help me not to be naughty on my diet but did you know these are Naughty??? I was bemused and asked her what she ment, well lets see if you can figure it out!!! This will teach me not to read what I am buying!

HERE in the first picture you will see what I glanced at as the rest was covered in a sale lable.
HERE in the second picture you will see what was under the lable! DOH!!!!!!
Here in the Third one you can see the bigger picture, I even notice the layout of the fruit now.
Arghghghghghg I could have died when she told me that I bought her BOOBS and WILLIES!!!! Thank goodness I do talk about these things with mum but who wants to buy there mum candy Genitals.

Lesson Learned!!!


Cath said...

Hahahaha oh dear, is it wrong to laugh! That is so funny. You'll have to do a layout about that!

Beckie Dreyer said...

OMGoodness! I have just peed myself laughing!! That is too funny!!