Tuesday, 20 January 2009


What a day, it seems that I scraped through my pre op check and I am going ahead with Surgery on the 28th, I am glad that I am well enough but I am still scared, still it will all be over soon.

On to the OMG!!!! Exciting part for me today, which totally distracted me from the stresses was that I got a huge stash parcel from my Bro and Vicki but obviously Vicki chose the stuff as they seemed to know exactly what I wanted and my Bro has a big heart but no stash sense at all !!! So I took a few pictures of all the yummy goodness they got me.
I feel so so so lucky and I shall make sure that I get really really creative with them, a HUGE thank you, to you both.

I shall have lots of fun at my crop with this lot on Saturday.
Happy Crafting xxxxx

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Cat said...

Hi, nice stash. I'm green with envy. I hope all goes well with your surgery.