Tuesday, 6 January 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a great New year, chilling having a drink and a brilliant laugh. I was ill with this horrid virus but Vicki and I still had a great giggle and mum went to the neighbours.

So one thing I had not told you is that I must change the name of my blog to 18 cats and a mountain of stash, yes it is true, we took on 3 more cats. They are adorable and I love them all to bits but I have also learned that 15 was enough and 18 is MORE!!!! thank enough. Having said that, I adore them and now the hard part of integrating them is over I get all the AWWWWWWW moments when you find your other cats snuggling with a new cat who they were trying to eat the week before lol.

So here are my new babies:

This is the gorgeous Torty ROSIE, 5 years old (Honeypots sister)

This is Torty and white HONEYPOT who is also 5 years old ( Sister to Rosie )

And this cutie is now my youngest, his name is MIKA and he is an 18 month old Tuxedo cat.
Mika came from the same home as Honeypot and Rosie, so at least they new each other. Mika is a minx and the 2 girls are so noisy and chatty but they fit into our family like a glove. I must finish this post by saying, MUM, I hope your are reading this?!?!?!?! NO MORE CATS!!!!!

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The Crafty Goat Girl said...

Wow, you lucky thing! I would love to have more than one cat, I did have four once and one dog but our cat now, Molly is a rescue and I think she would beat up on another. She is so territorial. Your catflap must be on fire! Happy New Year to you and your moggies, never say never, lol. Hugs Heidi xxx