Monday, 18 February 2008


Well I got up in a great mood! The mood went south after I phoned the medical centre I have an appointment to have my toe nails removed at on friday, (I know! YUK! Right) but I have got my head around it and decided I was going to deal with it in a positive light and just get it over and done with. However! When I rang just to make sure I had the time right, the receptionist said " Oh Miss Browning, we have been trying to contact you, we have to cancel your appointment". ARGHHHHHHH!!!!! I was so annoyed, I told her she can't of tried very hard as someone is always in at my house. I now have to go back to my local clinic just to get another referal, how frustrating! I then rang to book for an appointment to make a new referal and they are all on holiday!!! GRRRRRRRR!!! Ah well another month or so with toe nails is ok with me.

I am off to see if I can find my MOJO as it went on holiday yesterday! Have a great day.

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