Friday, 22 February 2008

Grrrrr little furry wotsits!!!

Today has been an odd sort of day, not good or bad, just sort of odd! I spent 10 minutes pondering on what I would do if I won the lottery, then the next 10 minutes telling myself how stupid I am because I don't even play the lottery.

My cats were odd today aswell, not that they don't have continual moments of insanity but today most of them seemed too! I found one of younger cats Marvella on top of the toilet door, she has never done that before. Pheobe our youngest and tiniest has taken to waiting till the Poop in the litter tray is hard then fishing it out and playing football with it!!! That has got to stop NOW!!! It is not as though they dont have a ton of toys and a 6' tall activity centre but no she would rather play with Poop!!! We have also discovered that Bilbo who has a small head and a big body (bless him) is having trouble jumping and he completley missed the mantal piece and smacked his chin, poor thing. So he got lots of fuss and when we knew he was ok we did laugh it was the daftest thing you ever saw! I went to stay at my friends last week and so I still have my rolling suitcase out, just now I came up stairs to find that Smudgie had unzipped it, squeezed himself in a tiny hole and had manged after getting in it, to push it over and trap himself in it! he was very pleased to see me. When I got him out bless him. So strange day really!

However the great thing is that I felt inspired and did a lo with some of my older Colour Me Silly Basic Grey papers and I am actually really pleased with it, I will upload some pictures of it in a Mo.

I hope tommorow is a good day! or an odd day as it was ok just odd! lol

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