Wednesday, 27 February 2008

BILBO!!! I thought I lost you! (It was the stashes fault!!)

It was my furry baby Bilbo's first time out alone, I let him out with the intension of going out in few minutes to check on him. I got distracted by the window cleaner and some rub-ons (obviously not at the same time lol). And next thing I know I am throwing myself up out of the chair screaming OMG! Bilbo. I ran outside with a pot of cat crunchies and called him, no sign, 15 minutes went past and nothing, my heart was racing. I ran upstairs to grab my shoes to run around the nieghbourhood looking, I heard mum calling and suddenly she shouted GOOD BOY!! and Bilbo came running in almost on his belly as he was not liking the wind. He has not really wanted to go out again today lol. Lesson learned! Do not get distracted by stash!

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