Monday, 25 February 2008

More of my A - Z of me

Here are some more of the lo's for my A - Z book of me. I missed out D as I need a specific photo that I am waiting for to complete it. I am having such fun with this book, I like to do some arty, some cute and some very plain as the sentiment is more important.
In my letter C, I was sad that I did not have small enough pictures to fit all my furry babies in but I am sure they forgive me. LOL
This was so fun, I loved usuing the big puzzle piece for the journalling and I think the words describe me very well.
This is one of the layouts that that I was talking about when I said I like to do some very plain as the writing is so important. The tag contains a list of my closest friends. Since posting this I have added gems across the joining pages as I made the mistake of doing each side as a seperate entity instead of the gems flowing over but alls well that ends well as I have done it now.

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Scrappy~Sarah said...

Fabulous pages there :D
Just had a scroll through your other to inspire there