Monday, 3 March 2008

My OCD has gone away!

ooops!! didn't mean to take a picture of the clothers dryer lol!!
Grrrrrrr need to tidy! might even have to do it before I go to bed! Or maybe not lol.Oh! I think that was me lol!
ooooops blurry picture!
Mess Mess Mess!!! Grrrrr! looks like I know what I will be doing tomorrow lol!!
Arghghghg!!! I never noticed my lamp has gone wonky either LOL!! Guess who is getting out the screw driver in a minute lol
That is the only reason my crafting area could be this messy!!!! ARGHHHHH!! that and the fact I share a house with my mum and we are both scrappers and she is messy and I am tidy and I have been away for the weekend! Aha! there is the answer lol I still have OCD with my stash but my mum has been left alone with it the whole weekend lol.


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danemi1 said...

thank you for taking time when you could have been tidying - instead you have spent hours helping me sort my blog - you are a star

so I have something for you