Monday, 31 March 2008

A weekend with Emma and Ethan

What a fabby weekend I have just had, we had a great fun, active weekend.Friday night I arrived and Emma cooked a yummy! Roast Chicken and I had a couple of hours of "Fight play!" and The Disney Channel with a smattering of throwing ourselves into boxes of cuddley toys.
Saturday Morning we went off to Jumping Jacks and it was great to see EJ having so much fun. I must say it was the cleanest, most organised soft play I have been to. Great fun.
Then off to Asda for energy food!
Then back home to Emma's. I have to say I was shattered, I am not used to keeping up with a really energetic 3 1/2 yr old. We both fell asleep when we got back.
Sunday Morning we got up and Emma and EJ took me to Ravenscraig park. What a gorgeous place. First we went to the play park.
This was a fun shot to take but I nearly got knock over by the swing a couple of times lol, that is a picture I am really looking forward to scrapping.
Then off down to the beach, I stayed with the buggy and practiced using my telephoto setting on my camera. I have one that does lots but I never use its functions, so I thought I would have a play.
Then it was time for a picnic on a park bench, which was nice, a little cold but fun. Magic butter was a resounding success, Magic butter I hear you ask!?! ( EJ wont eat cheese, so Dairylea has become Magic butter and he loved it!!) Well done Emma! Tee Hee!
This is the entrance to the castle we visited, well I say we! but this was my trusty telephoto again as I suffer from virtigo, so walking across a weak wooden bridge over a moat was a no no! but EJ and Emma had fun and I took some nice photo's.
This was a view of the castle from our coastal path walk.
All in all a wonderful weekend, Jam pack with fantastic and very scrap-able memories. I have never laughed as much as Emma on the firemans pole! (oooo errrrr! Missus!!) but thats another story.
Hope you all had a fab weekend too. xxx


Gemma said...

What a fab weekend, I love the "spiderman" shot and the archway, you have a lovely photographing style.

Clare said...

Great photos :o) It looks like you had a busy weekend.

Shirley said...

What an amazing set of photos, looks like it was a really fun weekend :)

barmyowlscoo said...

I love the photos, your blog is fab and I like your cats to.

Fae said...

Wow, fantastic photos! And I love the 'magic butter' :)