Friday, 14 March 2008


I have been tagged by Lori for 7 random things.....

1) I really don't like it when someone drinks out of my glass or cup, it makes me feel sick then I can't drink my drink. I know it sounds crazy but I really don't like it, not even if my mum does it LOL.

2) Orlando Florida is my fav. place in world!! No not because of Disney, I actually did not like Disney, long queues, long walks between rides! YUK!! but I loved the people and the places of interest etc, we did a fly drive holiday across florida and saw so many wonderful things, one of my fav but most embarrassing days was when I went deep sea fishing and I caught the biggest fish (32 pound barracuda). However the adrenaline and sea sickness was too much for me and lets just say that every bodily function lost control of itself by the time we got back to shore I was a smelly green mess. I ran off the boat to the public toilets and had to strip naked wash my clothes in the sink and wear soaked clothes back to our hotel ROTFPMSL. It was however a day I will never forget and will make me laugh whenever I look back. I love Florida!!

3) I was always voted by my friends as most likley to be "Old lady with lots of cats" and I currently have 15 so I am guessing they are right LOL

4) I am not at all girly, my scrapping style is eclectic but my personal style is not only "not style" lol but it is very boyish, I live in Joggers, Jeans and T-shirts. I only wear DC trainers because I have wide feet and they are like walking on air! DRESSES arghghghghghghg!!! run away!! I just cannot wear them, love them on other people but not on me, it may be the fact I am 5' 2" and round!

5) I have an addictive personality, it has not really done me much harm but my wallet is not impressed as 1 of my biggest addicitons is shopping. I am getting it under control these days though but all the yummy stash doesn't help lol

6) My fav. colour is Red.

7) I have 4 tattoos and want another one.

I Tag ........Katy, Emma and Tracey and anyone else who wants to join in.

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