Monday, 24 March 2008

Lights, Camera NOTHING!!!!!

Well I finally finished sorting the lo's for some submissions I wanted to make and my Mojo has returned and I planned to spend a lovely relaxed evening scrapping! Oh no! I switched the light on and bang the whole house went dark! everything on plugs is fine but all the lights are off, so I trott over to the fuse box to reset it and NOTHING!!! Arghghghghghghghg! I have no lights and it wont reset, I called out insurance peeps and a nice electrician rang me back, he said he will be out tonight but he is a long way away on anther job so I am guessing he will be here about midnight lol. So no scrapping tonight I guess. Will go and play with cats I think!

Have a good night all xxx

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danemi1 said...

Sorry to hear about your power - hope you soon get it sorted hun - havent chatted on msn as have had to reset my pc back tof actory settings and as yet lost msn - will have to reinstall it - just havent had time