Monday, 3 March 2008

What I did this weekend at Emma's

This weekend was a blast! I had a great time with EJ and then some Grown-up (well sort of lol!) adult scrapping time with Emma. Today I met Rachel (cool lass) and her gorgeous little boy Logan, what a sweetie. I got 3 lo's done and here they are.

My second ever Lo using lace, I actually have in my UKS profile that I hate lace but for some reason I have been atracted to it recently.

I have lots of clips and charms and these little postage stamp maya road frames that I hardly ever use so I have started to embrace my little embellies which has been great fun too.

The Big White house
This is the view from the front doorstep of the house that was my family home for 32 years back in London, we always refered to the house across the road as the Big White House.
My friend Katy sent me these gorgeous strings of stitch woven flowers by Crafty Bitz and I just had to use some on this lo. YUMMY!

My gorgeous girl, she is such a lovely cat. and I love this picture of her wondering what I was doing on the computer, she even looks quizzical in the picture I think!
This Lo had 2 first and a second for me, I have never used little hanging charms on a lo before I don't think and I used 3 hearts on this one, I have also never used knitting but mum was doing tensions squares with some new wool and this seems to just go with the lo so I whipped it lol. And its only the second time I have used Magic Mesh, I have had it for ages (years infact and never thought to use it on a lo, now I have used it twice in a month lol. Oooo actually I also used Blonde moments shimmer paint for the first time aswell over the sisters leters, that is yummy stuff to.
We are family, I've got all my sisters with me!

This picture was taken the first time all 3 sisters found the hammock together bless them.

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danemi1 said...

Your work is amazing hun - love the lace and love the fact that you have embraced what you werent so keen originally and wow have you worked wonders with it - gorgeous work